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Our mantra is simple: “Experience the wild, champion its future”. This means we design every safari not just to thrill you with the grandeur of Africa’s wilderness but to foster a deeper understanding and respect for the people and ecosystems you will explore. It also means that our safaris change you for good. We’ve experienced it firsthand – getting out in the wild brings people closer to each other and to nature. That’s because there’s a bit of wild in all of us, and a safari brings it out. When it does, we naturally want to keep that wildness safe – in the world and in ourselves.

At SAFARI FRANK, we think of our customers as mates, and we’re all about being frank with our mates.  That means we offer honest, personalized, and unvarnished advice, and strive to create experiences that are as unique as you are.

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African Heritage

We’re conservationists, educators and storytellers, and we’re proudly born and bred Africans with over 25 years of experience navigating and exploring the African wilderness.

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We’re an Australian family owned business and a team of safari experts. We start by listening to your wishes, then tailor make itineraries to exceed your wildest travel expectations.

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Fiercely Independent

We design safaris to suit you without the influence of commercial agreements or cooperations. We work with ethical providers to give you the most authentic African safari possible.

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When to travel

Truth be told, there’s no bad time to Africa, just different times! The variety served up by Africa’s diversity means unique experiences throughout the year. See the Wildebeest Migration in East Africa, go gorilla trekking in Uganda, track the BIG 5 in Botswana or honeymoon in the Seychelles; SAFARI FRANK will give you ‘frank’ advice on what to expect when, as well as options for the experience of a lifetime.

Season: High Summer / Ave Temp: 25 C / Highlight: Glorious Cape Town

Cape Town and the Garden Route

As the new year descends on Africa so does the much-anticipated rain in the south. January in Southern and East Africa tends to be quieter making it a great time to take advantage of competitive rates, making safaris more accessible and affordable. A stay in fabulous Cape Town and self-drive up the Whale Coast & Garden Route is a great option and don’t forget the Cape Vineyards…..

Season: High Summer / Ave Temp: 29 C / Highlight: Safari Greater Kruger

Timbavati, Klaserie & Sabi Sands Private Reserves

In South Africa the ‘green season’ is a magnificent time to go on safari in the private reserves around the Kruger with abundant wildlife offering plenty of game viewing, a truly special time with the migratory birds also around. Combine this with a stay in Cape Town where the weather is perfect and the crowds gone, making it an ideal time to visit!

Season: High Summer / Ave Temp: 27 C / Highlight: Secret season Serengeti

Northern Serengeti and Masai Mara

In east Africa there is some respite from the short rains, leaving the landscape green and lush with wildebeest herds moving to the southern section of the Serengeti. It is ‘secret season’ in the northern Serengeti and the Masai Mara, making for wonderful wildlife experiences void of the crowds, highly recommended.

Season: High Summer / Ave Temp: 26 C / Highlight: Gorilla trekking

Uganda or Rwanda Primate Safaris

It is also one of the best times of the year to go in search of the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. Uganda’s mountain gorilla trekking take place in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, home to half of the remaining mountain gorillas in existence. It is the only national park where chimpanzees co-exist with mountain gorillas.

Season: High Summer / Average Temp: 31 C / Highlight: Lamu on the Kenyan Coast

Zanzibar, Mafia Island and the Kenyan Coast

January is also the perfect time to relax on the beaches of Zanzibar and Mafia Island in Tanzania, and the Kenyan coast. These destinations all offer unique cultural experiences and historical insights and you can decide if you want to just relax on the beach or be ‘busy’ with snorkelling, diving, fishing and lots more!

Season: Mid-Summer / Ave Temp: 29 C / Highlight: Swim with whale sharks Mafia

Zanzibar and Mafia Island, Tanzania

February is a great time to visit Mafia Island off the Tanzanian Coast for some whale shark interaction. Snorkelling with these giants makes for a once in a lifetime experience! There are a range of great accommodation options available here from affordable to barefoot luxury!

Season: Mid-Summer / Ave Temp: 25 C / Highlight: Self-drive the Garden Route

Kruger, Cape Town and Garden Route, South Africa

In South Africa the weather is still great in the whole of the country and a safari in the Greater Kruger National Park, including the Timbavati and Sabi Sands Private Game Reserves, is still superb. Cape Town, the Garden Route and the Whale Coast remain fabulous extensions to the safari. The vineyards around Cape Town and the beaches along the Garden Route offering some spectacular accommodation options.

Season: Mid-Summer, small-dry / Ave Temp: 28 C / Highlight: Calving season Serengeti

Ndutu, Southern Serengeti, Tanzania

East Africa is still enjoying its mini dry season, with sunny, clear days and excellent game viewing all round. The herds are now gathering in the far south of the Serengeti and calving season is about to start in the Ndutu area making for some extraordinary interactions with the resident predators!

Season: Mid-Summer, rainy / Ave Temp: 31 C / Highlight: Zebras Makgadikgadi NP

Makgadikgadi NP, Botswana

In Botswana, it is the rainy season, which brings the arid areas of the Makgadikgadi Pans and the Kalahari to life. These areas are spectacular at this time of year with lots of grazing and water around – the perfect combination for game viewing. Nxai Pan in the Makgadikgadi National Park is particularly magical in February with thousands of zebras on the pans and some impressive predator action.

Season: Late-Summer / Ave Temp: 31 C / Highlight: Affordable Botswana!

Okavango Delta and Savuti, Botswana

By March most of the safari destinations in southern Africa are moving towards the end of their wet season – but for us, it is all about Botswana! The days are glorious, tourist numbers are low and great value packages are available. The summer rains floodwater from further upstream has not yet flooded the Okavango making this the best time to visit the Delta and the Savuti region of Chobe National Park.

Late-Summer / Ave Temp: 29 C / Highlight: Predators on night drives

Timbavati, Klaserie and Sabi Sands, South Africa

South Africa is still a very good place to travel to at the beginning of March, as the weather remains good in Cape Town and the safaris continue unabated in the Greater Kruger including the Timbavati, Klaserie and the Sabi Sands. In these private reserves night game drives are a great option for spectacular predator viewing.

Season: Late-Summer / Ave Temp: 29 C / Highlight: Self-drive Namibia


In March as the heat is easing, lush grass covers the plains, sunsets are spectacular and storm clouds create a dramatic backdrop. A self-drive road trip from Sossusvlei to Etosha in the north is a great way to explore this vast landscape, some of the most spectacular on the planet! Namibia offers fantastic accommodation and March is still low season.

Season: Late-Summer / Ave Temp: 27 C / Highlight: Wildebeest calving Serengeti

Ndutu, Southern Serengeti, Tanzania

In East Africa in the southern Ndutu section of the Serengeti the calving season for the wildebeest is now in full swing, with up to 8 000 calves born each day! This is a time of plenty for the predators of the area, especially the healthy cheetah population that call this home. The calving season of the great migration is as special as the river crossings, and well worth considering especially for avid photographers.

Season: Autumn / Ave Temp: 24 C / Highlight: BIG 5 safari Sabi Sands

Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, Greater Kruger, South Africa

In South Africa, it is autumn with temperatures cooling from previous months. In general, the days are still warm, but the evenings and mornings are chilly. April is undoubtedly one of the best months for a safari in South Africa, the weather is mild in the Kruger National Park and the game viewing is fantastic. World re-known Sabi Sands private reserve almost guarantees sightings of the BIG 5!

Season: Autumn / Ave Temp: 30 C / Highlight: Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Botswana is a fantastic destination in the shoulder season as its still relatively quiet, prices remain competitive and the weather is great. Large herds of elephant are beginning to congregate around the Chobe River, and the Delta’s waters are on the rise marking the start of great boat and mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) activities.

Season: Autumn / Ave Temp: 30 C / Highlight: Adventures of Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

During April the Zambezi River is starting to flood and Victoria Falls is moving to its peak, both from Livingstone and Victoria Falls town. The mighty waterfall is in flood with enormous clouds of spray rising up to the sky, making for a phenomenal sight. It’s high-water season on the Zambezi so there is a wide range of adrenalin activities available for the adventurous at heart.

Season: Autumn / Ave Temp: 28 C / Highlight: Mokoro and walking Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta, Botswana

In Botswana, the rains may be over, but the Okavango Delta is filling up fast making it arguably the most spectacular place in Africa (something we argue to be true at any time of year!). Regarded by those in-the-know, as the ‘secret season’, there is a huge advantage to travelling Botswana during May as safari rates are low which makes Africa’s most expensive safari destination more affordable.

Season: Autumn / Ave Temp: 27 C / Highlight: Dunes at Sossusvlei


May is the beginning of Namibia’s winter and you’ll find plenty of sunshine, long, dry days and low humidity. In Etosha, the BIG 5 gather around the waterholes making them easy to view. The dunes at Sossusvlei are particularly special as the lower sections and surrounds can still be covered in a layer of grass which attracts desert-adapted animals from near and far. Damaraland and Kaokoland are pleasantly warm, and in the South, the slightly cooler weather makes this an excellent time to explore the spectacular Fish River Canyon.

Season: Autumn / Ave Temp: 30 C / Highlight: Walking and canoeing Mana Pools

Mana Pools NP, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is still technically in ‘shoulder season’ in May with clear, fresh days. Excellent wildlife sightings are common as animals begin to congregate around the permanent water holes, and other travellers are few and far between. In Mana Pools, the bush camps are re-opening and walking safaris are starting up. As with many other locations in May, good rates and specials are available.

Season: Autumn / Ave Temp: 30 C / Highlight: Walking & Boating Lower Zambezi

Lower Zambezi NP, Zambia

Zambia’s famous Luangwa National Park’s bush camps tend to open in late May, and the wonderful Lower Zambezi National Park and Kafue National Park’s see the majority of camps re-open. This is really the start of Zambia’s season and is a lovely time to visit before peak season hits. Lower Zambezi NP is a SAFARI FRANK favourite and walking, boating, fishing, canoeing and game driving at Tusk and Maine is truly special!

Season: Winter / Ave Temp: 25 C / Highlight: Mobile safari Botswana

Northern Botswana

Our beloved Botswana is superb throughout June, and the majority of camps are still offering mid-season rates, a great time to visit and save a few dollars. As the land dries animals make their way towards the life-sustaining waters of the Okavango Delta. The Delta is now in flood with phenomenal game viewing and the start of the best time for water-based activities. Why not do a mobile safari through northern Botswana, it is our favourite!

Season: Winter / Ave Temp: 25 C / Highlight: Game viewing in Etosha

Etosha National Park, Namibia

June in Namibia is dry with very little chance of rain. The days are warm, but the nights can be cool. This is the time of year which marks the start of prime game viewing season, as wildlife is forced to remain close to permanent water sources. This creates the ‘Noah’s Ark’ scene Etosha is famous for!

Season: Winter / Ave Temp: 24 C / Highlight: Walking safari South Luangwa

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

South Luangwa is well known for walking safaris in the now-dry riverbed, fly camping under the stars, big cats, and an all-around fantastic wildlife experience that is hard to beat. The Lower Zambezi offers a multitude of activities that are second to none, whilst Busanga Plains in Kafue is one of the best places in Africa for predator action.

Season: Winter / Ave Temp: 21 C / Highlight: Lions of Ruaha NP

Ruaha National Park, Southern Tanzania

In East Africa most of the parks will be open and game viewing is exceptional. The southern Tanzania circuit is starting to dry out and in Ruaha National Park animals slowly move from the miombo highlands to the plains around the great Ruaha River. Ruaha has arguably the highest density of lions in the whole of Africa and with low visitor numbers this gem of a park is an exceptional experience.

Season: Winter / Ave Temp: 22 C / Highlight: Wildebeest Migration Serengeti

Northern Serengeti, Tanzania

In East Africa the migration is moving north from the Grumeti and depending on the rainfall could be entering the northern sections of the Serengeti around the Mara River and even the Masai Mara across the border. This is the start of peak season and it can get quite busy so travellers should choose accommodation carefully to avoid the crowds. Mind you it is the Greatest Wildlife show on Earth!

Season: Winter / Ave Temp: 19 C / Highlight : Camel walking safari

Laikipia, Samburu and Meru Kenya

July is also a great time of the year to visit the lesser-known parks in Kenya such as Laikipia, Meru, Samburu and Amboseli. Combining these with Lamu on the Kenyan coast makes for a fantastic trip! The camel supported walking mobile safari in Laikipia is arguably one of Africa’s best walking safari experiences

Season: Winter / Ave Temp: 25 C / Highlight: Luxury lodges in the Okavango

Okavango Delta, Botswana

July is the peak season in Botswana with visitors flocking to the famous areas of the Okavango Delta, Savuti, Linyanti and Chobe River. Wildlife is prolific including regular sightings of painted wolves and white rhinos in certain areas, through to huge herds of elephants and great predator action! The Delta offers some of the most luxurious lodges in Africa so now is the time to have the best of both worlds for a lucky view!

Season: Winter / Ave Temp: 27 C / Highlight: Walking, canoeing Lower Zambezi

Lower Zambezi NP, Zambia

Zambia’s parks are now all open with every camp available to visit in peak season. The bush has thinned out and the grass has been trodden down, meaning that Africa’s finest walking destination, the Luangwa, is at its finest. The Lower Zambezi National Park is also exceptional at this time of year with a variety of game viewing activities on offer with Tusk and Maine a firm favourite for a truly immersive experience.

Season: Winter / Ave Temp: 25 C / Highlight: Elephants in Hwange

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Hwange is famous for the congregation of enormous numbers of elephants around waterholes in the dry season. There are some amazing close-up experiences to be had at camps in Hwange which are equipped with decks and hides in close proximity to water sources, these are probably the best in Africa!

Season: Late winter / Ave Temp: 22 C / Highlight: Wildebeest river crossings

Greater Masai Mara, Kenya

The main event is undoubtedly the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti and the Masai Mara! The herds are congregated around the Mara River on both sides of the border between Tanzania and Kenya. River crossings take place on a daily basis through the fast-flowing Mara River and make for spectacular sightings, but expect some crowds, especially in the smaller Masai Mara. Travellers are advised to select accommodation carefully.

Season: Late winter / Ave Temp: 23 C / Highlight: Kruger, Vic Falls and Botswana safari

Kruger Park, Northern Botswana and Vic Falls

In South Africa the Greater Kruger experience remains exceptional, however Cape Town may still be cold and wet. Consider this safari that combines the best in South Africa and Botswana at this time of the year, including Vic Falls which is now just spectacular!

Season: Late winter / Ave Temp: 28 C / Highlight: Dive the Seychelles

Mauritius and the Seychelles

August is a great time to visit the Indian Ocean Islands. Mauritius is home to the mega beach resorts, ideal for a great family holiday. The Seychelles offer some fantastic accommodation options both on Mahé as well as the inner islands including Praslin and La Digue. For a lucky few the private islands provide a truly exceptional world class experience. If you prefer to be active and dive or fish some of the best locations on the planet the outer islands are for you!

Season: Spring / Ave Temp: 19 C / Highlight: Whale watching South Africa

Whale Coast, South Africa

Spring is in the air, the Indian Ocean temperatures are rising and with the high humidity still weeks away, the climate is sublime. Cape Town is also warming up and there are still whales migrating along the Whale Coast. There are superb accommodation options available along the coast from private houses on the beach to one of the best eco-lodges at Hermanus, the whale capital of Africa!

Season: Spring / Ave Temp: 24 C / Highlight: Wildebeest migration Serengeti

Serengeti, Northern Tanzania

In East Africa the migration is still in full swing and although the river crossings can never be guaranteed, September is widely regarded as the ‘safest’ time of the year to experience it. This is also a wonderful time to combine the northern Tanzania circuit with the southern circuit, notably Ruaha NP. This safari can be combined with some ocean activities with stay at Zanzibar and Mafia Island, making for one of the best ‘bush and beach’ holidays!

Season: Spring / Ave Temp: 29 C / Highlight: Bush and freshwater beach

Zambia & Lake Malawi

One of the best bush and beach combinations is Zambia and Lake Malawi, and September is the ideal time. In Zambia, large mammals can be found close to the Luangwa River and the big cats are easy to spot along the riverbanks. Traditional Zambian bush camps offer walking safari which is a great way to explore the area. At Lake Malawi, the temperatures sit at a pleasant 28℃ making it the ideal location to enjoy amazing freshwater snorkelling.

Season: Spring / Ave Temp: 31 C / Highlight: Self-drive northern Namibia

Damaraland, Kaokoland, Etosha, Caprivi, Namibia

If you’re exploring Namibia, consider expanding your itinerary beyond large game viewing in Etosha. For extra adventure add an expedition to the remote Kaokoveld and Damaraland regions in the country’s north, before heading east to the Caprivi and even Vic Falls! These all offer world-class landscapes, scenery and photographic opportunities. Consider this extended self-drive trip of a lifetime!

Season: Spring / Ave Temp: 34 C / Highlight: Mobile walking safari Zimbabwe

Gonarezhou and Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Starting in the remote Gonarezhou NP one of the few true wilderness areas with stunning scenery and wildlife, followed by an air transfer to the famous Mana Pools where you embark on a safari along the Zambezi river and 3 nights at Chitake Spring – a place known as Africa’s most hard-core campsite where you are in and amongst the wildlife as they gather around the only water source in the area. There is no safari which is more RAW and authentic!

Season: Early summer / Ave Temp: 34 C / Highlight: Zebra migration Boteti River

Makgadikgadi NP, Botswana

October is the hottest and driest month in Botswana, but it is also one of the best times to visit. The higher temperatures drive the game towards water sources and predators congregate around the waterholes and rivers. Chobe and the Linyanti see vast herds of elephant and buffalo, whilst the Okavango Delta offers the herds a permanent source of water. In the south of Botswana, the Boteti River area sees large herds of zebra on its banks; an incredible sight to behold

Season: Early summer / Ave Temp: 35 C / Highlight: Large herds of elephants

Victoria Falls and Northern Botswana

A great journey combination for October is the spectacle of Victoria Falls alongside a Botswana safari. By this time Victoria Falls is starting to dry out however it’s still impressive and a few days chilling out on the banks of the Zambezi is a great way to start or end any trip – especially in the heat of October. The concentration of game in Botswana at this time will leave you amazed when you arrive on the banks of the Chobe River and beyond.

Season: Early summer / Ave Temp: 26 C / Highlight: Beach stay in Mozambique

South Africa & Mozambique

Combine Kruger, Cape Town and Mozambique. In Cape Town you’ll find the Mother City bathed in crisp sunshine and clear blue skies. It is ideal for wine-tasting, fine dining and mountain-climbing. Game viewing in the Kruger in October is excellent with animals congregating around waterholes. Round off all this adventure at the beach as you enjoy some rest and relaxation against a backdrop of clear calm water and nice temperatures.

Season: Early summer / Ave Temp: 31 C / Highlight: Hot air ballooning Busanga

Busanga Plains, Kafue NP, Zambia

In Zambia, this is the last chance to experience the magic of Busanga Plains, best done from above in a hot air balloon over the vast expanse of Kafue National Park. Kafue is best combined at this time of year with Liuwa Plain National Park where the annual wildebeest migration is about to start. This is one of the best remote experiences for the seasoned safarier!

Season: Early summer / Ave Temp: 30 C / Highlight: Lions of Ruaha

Nyerere and Ruaha NP, Southern Tanzania

October sees the start of the small rains in east Africa and the herds heads south. It is still a great time to visit the Masai Mara and northern Serengeti as the tail end of the herds are likely to still be around and off course all the usual non-migratory species are there. The southern circuit of Tanzania is now at its best with spectacular game viewing around the remaining water sources. Ruaha National Park will blow your mind!

Season: Summer / Ave Temp: 30 C / Highlight: Bat and wildebeest migration

Kasanka & Liuwa Plains

In Zambia two unique wildlife events take place. The second largest wildebeest migration in Africa occurs in Liuwa Plain NP from November onwards. Animals are enticed to migrate by the promise of short fresh grass! And largest mammal migration in the world… the bat migration at Kasanka NP in the north of Zambia. An incredible 10 million fruit bats congregate in a very small parcel of land. This is an amazing, must-do experience for the seasoned African traveller.

Season: Summer / Ave Temp: 34 C / Highlight: Rains in the Kalahari

Kalahari and Makgadikgadi, Botswana

November in Botswana is also very special, particularly across the Makgadikgadi and in the Kalahari Desert. It’s a time of new life after the early rains and the layer of fresh grass attracts animals from far and wide. Baby animals are aplenty with predators in attendance too. All over southern Africa, migratory birds arrive and for the seasoned safari traveller and twitchers amongst you, that is always a special time to be in the region.

Season: Summer / Ave Temp: 25 C / Highlight: Beaches on the Garden Route

Cape Town, Garden Route & Kruger, South Africa

If you are seeking some sunshine, you can’t do much better than Cape Town and the Garden Route in South Africa which really come into their own at the start of summer in November and before the crowds arrive. Combining that with a safari in the Timbavati or Sabi Sands for the best of both worlds!

Season: High Summer / Ave Temp: 33 C / Highlight: Secret season in the Delta

Okavango Delta, Botswana

In Botswana, December is considered low season, but most lodges and suppliers are still operating which paves the way for some great specials and promotions. Game viewing is still superb which provides travellers with an excellent experience for a great value. The Kalahari Desert is temporarily transformed into a lush wonderland with grazing animals and their young in abundance and predators following.

Season: High Summer / Ave Temp: 30 C / Highlight: Plettenberg Bay beach

Cape Town, Garden Route & Kruger, South Africa

Cape Town and the Garden Route are amid a picture-perfect summer. However, it is summer holidays for all South African schools, so the Cape area can be very busy from mid-December to mid-January. The Kruger’s private reserves still offer excellent big game viewing, with Timbavati Game Reserve and Klaserie Game Reserve our favourite destinations for a South African safari.

Season: High summer / Ave Temp: 30 C / Highlight: Secret season east Africa

Serengeti, Tanzania and Masai Mara, Kenya

In East Africa December is the small dry season but the land is left lush and green after the small rains. It is a fabulous time to travel in the Serengeti and the Mara as game viewing is still superb, but the absence of other travellers is the true luxury. One can literally travel in the northern Serengeti without seeing another vehicle for days in areas where it is ‘bumper to bumper’ in peak season, safari heaven as far as we are concerned!

Season: High summer / Ave Temp: 30 C / Highlight: Diving the Seychelles

Inner and Outer Islands, Seychelles

December is also beach time for many and there is nothing better than the Indian Ocean islands! Mauritius offers some fantastic options for families and couples looking for serious down time doing as little or as much as you like, while the many islands of the Seychelles offer plenty of opportunity to explore!