"What kind of safaris do we offer?"

SafariFRANK has three different means for you to get started with booking your next African safari. The first of which is Scheduled Safaris: these are pre-planned, packaged and priced with fixed starting dates. All that is required is for you to pick the right safari for you, and book a spot. Its that simple!

The second option is our range of Safaris-on-Demand: these are suggestions, sample itineraries which we created in order to showcase the incredible possibilities and, to provide you with a building block or structure from which to expand. They vary greatly in their offerings and will soon inspire you into narrowing down on the experience you are after.

And lastly, there is the Safari Enquirer: simply answer a few questions about the safari you seek and our team will design it from scratch! Perfect for those who already know what they are looking for and need us to make it happen, or those who need help or have questions.  We take the stress and hours of research out and replace it with fast, friendly and frank safari solutions.

“There are too many options and I don’t know where to start?” If this is you, DONT PANIC! A good starting point is to read information about the months or times of the year that you are looking to travel Africa, in order to gather some insight into what’s best during that time period. Use the link below to navigate through our advice on when to travel!

Our Safari Selection



Mobile Safari 8 Nights Botswana 4 to 8 Guests
Price $4250 USD

“8 nights exploring the best of the Okavango Delta, alongside Frank & Okwa in Sep 2019”

Lodge and Canvas 10 Nights Namibia 4 to 8 Guests
Price $7990 USD

"11 day privately guided safari through Namibia in Jun 2019"

Lodge and Canvas 9 Nights Tanzania 4 to 8 Guests
Price $8500 USD

"10 day privately guided safari through Northern Tanzania in Sep 2019"

Fly camping 12 Nights Zimbabwe 4 to 8 Guests
Price $8970 USD

"The best wilderness and walking safari experience possible"

Mobile Safari 11 Nights Botswana 4 to 8 Guests Apr to Jun
Price $4500 USD

“11-night adventure with local legends in Botswana’s hotspots during August 2019”

Lodge and Canvas 14 Nights Zimbabwe 4 to 8 Guests Mar to Dec
Price from $4400 USD

"Her favourite ways to experience the wilderness"

Mobile Safari 8 Nights Botswana 4 to 8 Guests Mar to May
Price from $5570 USD

"A quality experience in the secret season"

Mobile Safari 8 Nights Botswana 4 to 8 Guests Apr to Nov
Price from $5830 USD

"A strong dose of wildlife in a luxury mobile safari

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The team at safariFRANK are industry leading adventure safari specialists. If you can’t find the safari for you in the above selection, but you have a clear vision of the experience you are after – send as an enquiry through the button below and we will craft the perfect safari, bringing your vision to life.

It’s what we do!

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