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the team at safariFrank take great pride in being industry leaders, offering extensive specialist knowledge and outstanding personal service. This is only made possible due to our policy of continued travel and education and an unwavering commitment to real, authentic experiences. Read below what others have to say:

Dr Howard O’Meara

Outstanding – I highly recommend!

This is to confirm that we have travelled extensively through Sth Africa, Botswana, Namibia on two separate occasions with the Steenhuisen group. Each of these trips has been extensive both in time spent in these countries and the planning that took place. We enjoyed both trips immensely and the planning and research and knowledge of each area by the Steenhuisens was outstanding. I would highly recommend this group to anyone who wishes to see these countries in a relaxed atmosphere with safety and knowledge from the guides in the forefront plus, above all… having fun !!”

Dr Howard O’Meara – Mooloolaba, Qld Australia.

Elaine Stead

Nothing short of life changing. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

“My travel with the Steenhuisen’s to South Africa was nothing short of life changing. Not only was South Africa magnificently beautiful in a way I just could not have appreciated before I had actually experienced it, but the authentic, ‘real South Africa’ experience that only a native South African who genuinely loves their country, made all the difference. I’d go back in a heartbeat.”

Elaine Stead – Brisbane, Australia

Andreas Caviezel

An incredible journey back to nature with Gesa and Frank

We travel a lot in Africa, but never had such a perfect organisation before, and during the holidays! We experienced an incredible journey back to nature with Gesa and Frank. Every day you experience something new In Africa, beautiful, big, but also quiet and small that you don’t want to miss afterwards. So perfectly organized, combined with cordiality and expertise, you become addicted to it. We have already booked the next trip for 2019 with Gesa and Frank and safariFrank 🙂 .

Robin Hopkirk

Best two holidays I have ever had! Tremendous attention to detail!

“I have travelled twice to Africa with the Steenhuisen’s. South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Tremendous attention is paid to planning and detail. Eventualities are all well anticipated. For a newcomer to Africa you are quickly put into your comfort zone. There is never a shortage of adventure, experiences, good discussion, good food and drink. The Steenhuisen’s have a feeling for Africa, it’s people, it’s wildlife, it’s environment, it’s past and it’s future. They have not only given me the best 2 holidays that I have ever had but they have forced me to reach inside and re-evaluate many of my ideals and ideas about this great continent. They have also created an itch that I do not think that I will ever be able to completely scratch! Go with safarifrank and explore one of the greatest parts of this earth.”

Robin Hopkirk – Rotorua, New Zealand

Blake Read

Never a dull moment!

“When they said wear natural colour clothing I thought Blue would be fine, I mean the sky is Blue? Thankfully the experience and resourcfullness of safariFrank kept me safe and secure on our adventures through the wilderness, where we got up close with Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino. There was never a dull moment and driving around the game reserve looking and learning about the different habitats and mini ecosystems was amazing. I highly recommend the trip it was a real eye opener seeing nature in such a raw state of being.”

Blake Read – Coolangatta, Australia

Tim Wilson

Like nothing else I’ve ever experienced!

“I have now had two safaris with the Steenhuisens. The impact each trip had on me was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. Nothing has made me question my life priorities as much as this time spent immersed in nature. You simply feel so alive. The Steenhuisen version of this type of adventure is truly the icing on the cake.”

Tim Wilson – Brisbane, Australia

Mark Sowerby

Absolutely priceless. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

“The African “bush” experience is one on which you can place no value other than priceless. Integral to that experience is the passion and knowledge that comes from deep understanding and time in the game. Johan and his team are blessed with all the required elements. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

Mark Sowerby – Brisbane, Australia

Corinna Sonnberger

One of the best adventures of my life!

“My decision for making the Field Guide Level 1 course was very spontanous and I booked it only a few weeks before it started, but SAFARI FRANK provided me with everything I needed. I felt in very good hands at all times! All my questions were answered immidiately and very kindly. Thank you guys so much for paving my way to my chance to become a Field Guide!! I will come back to you, when it comes to book my Trails Guide course 🙂 It was one of the best adventures of my life!!!!”

Corinna Sonnberger – Vienna, Austria

Ben Southall

safariFrank share the complete beauty, history and magnitude of Africa.

“Having lived, worked and travelled extensively throughout Africa over the last decade I honestly thought I knew everything about safaris and wildlife on the Dark Continent. Spending a week in the bush with Johan and Frank made me realise there’s so much more to learn when it comes to understanding the beauty, history and magnitude of Southern Africa. From the years they’ve spent there as a family, their complete understanding of the wildlife – how to track and see it, the landscapes – how to explore and enjoy them, and the culture – how to immerse yourself in every aspect of it, is shared in a friendly, personal and adventurous way.”

Ben Southall – Gold Coast, Australia

Ronny Hoehner

This journey can hardly be put into words!

This journey can hardly be put into words. We had a very educational, happy and exciting time with the SafariFrank team. Gesa and Frank took perfect care of us. We learned a lot and developed a very intense relationship with nature. From the first moment, you move into a new world and forget your own. Switch off at the push of a button and enter a new adventure. Amazing!

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