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“Africa’s wildlife and wild areas are under threat largely due to three main reasons: habitat loss and fragmentation due to the growing needs of the increasing human population; the illegal wildlife trade, a multi-billion dollar a year industry, driving the harrowing decline of elephants, rhinos and other species which is increasingly being carried out by well organised and heavily outfitted crime syndicates and even terrorist groups; and human-wildlife conflict which escalates as natural habitats are converted for development or agriculture.”
– Conservation According to African Parks

SAFARI FRANK is founded in conservation and plays an active role to make a difference in the areas where we operate. We promote low impact ecotourism, sustaining nature and making wilderness areas socially and economically viable for the benefit of local communities.

Our first project is to protect the rhinos in Southern Africa from the poaching onslaught. It is called RhinoLove and can be followed on the Blog, Facebook and Instagram.

We raise funds in Australia to support these goals through The SAVE the African Rhino Foundation.


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