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“A remote heaven for lovers of ocean adventure sports, some of the BEST kite- & windsurfing, diving and fishing anywhere!”
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Bakwa Lodge is set along the beach of the opaline waters of Rodrigues Island, it lies secluded in a magnificent seascape, home to rural plains, tropical reefs and unspoilt beaches, undisturbed but for the occasional footprints. Its name has been derived from the typical Vacoas trees locally named “bakwa” trees dotting the island. Rodrigues is also renowned for its tangy lemons known as “ti limon” whereby the Lodge makes its famous lemonade, which has inspired their slogan: lazy days, laughter and lemonade…. Bakwa Lodge was never intended to be a hotel, and it isn’t. It is a castaway island retreat appealing to a specific kind of person; one who appreciates a return to simple luxuries that reawaken the senses, rather than the predictable comforts of the modern world

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Bakwa Lodge on Rodrigues Island is just one and half hours from Mauritius by plane and has room for only a few guests, providing a choice of simple understated luxury accommodation in a variety of rooms and suites. As a guest, you will be among a privileged few to experience this beautiful, secluded natural world with access to one of the most popular wind and kite surfing sites in the world. Discover the charms of the island whilst roaming the endless routes that crisscross the countryside and coastal paths. You are invited to enjoy the Rodriguan experience of fine local cuisine, laid back atmosphere and authenticity of island life, lazy days, laughter and lemonade…

The view over the crystalline lagoon of Rodrigues’ south-east coast, sets the scene for this unique guest house nestled between the gentle hills culminating at Montagne Cherie and the white beach leading for kilometres to the distant fishing village of Graviers. Rodrigues is an island that needs to be discovered on foot, whether it is an inland trip or a trip along the edge of the coast. The relatively small size of Rodrigues allows a complete tour of the island using coastal paths & maps either on your own or with a guide.

From ruins to an ecological gem…….Bakwa Lodge is the story of the transformation of an abandoned edifice into that of an ecological gem. When as a group of friends, passionate about island life, the owners discovered the abandoned construction site and immediately saw the potential of developing an ecological gem in this enchanting part of Rodrigues, known as Var Brulé.

The Lodge has been developed with the environment and people of the community in mind. As water is scarce in Rodrigues, the lodge recuperates rainwater, that is filtered and pumped to a treatment plant and transformed into drinking water. The villas are tastefully decorated with recycled Rodriguan artifacts and remnants of broken discarded Rodriguan fishing boats, creating a unique atmosphere of understated and comfortable luxury.

The lodge comprises of 6 suites and a large beachfront villa for eight. Spacious, light filled interiors feature concrete floors, louver shutters and marine decks that create an island ambience. All suites feature large beds with superior cotton linens, mini bar, en–suite bathrooms with amenities, ceiling fan, air conditioners and anti-mosquito device. All rooms are east facing and have spectacular sea views. Daily housekeeping is provided and laundry service available on request. Beach towels, and cooler boxes are provided on demand for beach side living.

  • 4 Family Suites (max 4 persons): Family suites comprise of one room with 1 double bed, second room with 2 single beds and en-suite bathroom as well as secondary open-air hot water shower. All rooms open out with double doors onto wooden deck and veranda housing a private bench bed.
  • 2 Lagoon suites (max 3 persons): Lagoon suites comprise of a large spacious room with 1 queen size bed and 1 single bed with open plan bathroom, as well as secondary open-air hot water shower. All rooms open out onto sea view with double doors onto wooden deck and veranda housing a private bench bed.
  • A two-bedroom beachfront villa (max 8 persons): The villa includes 2 master bedrooms and 1 mezzanine with four single beds. The master bedrooms are extended with open plan bathrooms and a sea view. Separating the master bedrooms is a large living area including a kitchenette. An exterior hot water shower and full facilities makes living outdoors a pleasure. The entire villa opens up front & back house onto wooden decks with a magnificent view of the beach and sea.

Explore the amazing beach directly accessible from the Lodge with its beautiful white sand & crystalline water, simply spend the day swimming, snorkelling or sunbaking or hike to secluded creeks, discovering the charms and secrets of the island. Beach towels, and cooler boxes are provided on demand for beachside living, ensuring guests have the treasured opportunity to relax and experience the best of island life.

The light and airy, beach-house styled restaurant and bar has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, it’s a perfect place for a romantic candle lit dinner or to chat with Lodge staff and other guests, to plan the day ahead or relive a day spent exploring or relaxing on Rodrigues.
A regional approach to cuisine ensures the freshest produce from the island, the menu changes daily with the seasons, providing a constant source of delight to guests. Rates at Bakwa Lodge include breakfast and a three-course dinner with options for special requests. Lunch is available in the restaurant or a picnic bag can be made up to enjoy on a walk or hike.

For those with an adventurous spirit, Rodrigues is an island that can be discovered on foot, coastal or inland, awakening you to rural ways of life where time stands still. The lagoon can be sailed with local fishermen, discovering the smaller islands or just having fun fishing and snorkelling. The locals are warm welcoming people who are happy to guide you on the right trails & welcome you to experience island life.

The calling of the lagoon has gradually changed over time: due to its natural characteristics it lends itself to glide sports such as windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing. Today small-scale fishing and fishing for leisure are activities that attract growing numbers of visiting enthusiasts. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend a day out in the lagoon with a fisherman, learning the tricks of the trade and even more rewarding coming home with fish for a tasty barbecue on the beach at Bakwa Lodge!

For more active guests Bakwa Lodge is situated on one of the best sites for kite & windsurfing enthusiasts. One can launch directly from the wide-open beach where the sand is soft & offers plenty of space. The lagoon stretches as far as the eye can see, offering the perfect stretch of turquoise waters, often with not another surfer in sight. The vast lagoon, mostly waist deep, offers space for training, freestyle & speed sailing hosting perfect weather conditions with the average wind strength about 20 – 25 knots, ideal for any, beginner to professional. The easterly trade winds blow straight from Western Australia with the strongest winds being from June to October

For a truly memorable experience the Lodge have devised a few extra special activities for you to consider during your stay.

  • Scuba Diving: The protected lagoon in Rodrigues is a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes, a unique place to find a variety of fish and coral and a perfect place for scuba diving. To discover scuba diving, one must simply hook up with a dive centre and explore the underwater world which offers dives departing off the Bakwa Lodge beach. The diving area in Rodrigues spans from the lagoon to the outer reef and the channels. The channels and passes are an excellent place to see larger fish, tuna, barracuda, and porcupine fish. The exterior reef provides a large variety of coral, angle fish, triggerfish, parrot fish, red snappers and turtles as well as the potential to discover and explore numerous caves, canyons, and tunnels. The diving area on the south east coast is bordered by the Marine Park a conservation area offering divers with a protected zone of over 12 km.
  • Snorkelling. The tropical lagoon provides you with a natural basin protected by the outer coral barrier reef giving you an endless scope of sea to explore. You can access the beach directly from the lodge for snorkelling or you can opt to take a boat trip. There are numerous snorkelling trips available or even glass bottom boat excursions for those who prefer to remain dry! The best-known snorkelling sites are the “Aquarium” and the “Couzoupa“, both accessible in calm conditions by boat. Other perfect snorkelling destinations in the lagoon are off of the islands of Ile aux Chats, Ile Hermitage, and Ile Gombrani. The SEMPA (Marine Park) is a unique marine protected area operating since 2009 and is today the largest Marine Park in the Indian Ocean. The park hosts a wide variety of marine life including unique coral and fish species and is home to fish, corals, turtles, molluscs, octopus, and crustaceans. If you are an avid snorkeler, it is best to bring with your own snorkelling gear (at least the mask and snorkel.
  • Game Fishing: So popular that enthusiasts can try out all sorts of techniques on the same day -jigging, trolling, slow trolling, bottom fishing, shark fishing and swordfish fishing. The techniques used depend primarily on the weather conditions: the current, the active zones, the tides, the moon, water temperature, etc. The best game fishing period is between December and April.
  • Pirogue Boat Fishing: The image of Rodrigues is that of its vast lagoon and its simple local boats (known as pirogues), white sails reflecting off the turquoise blue sea. Traditional fishing has been part of the Rodriguan way of life since the 18th century. The lagoon provides for the needs of the islanders in fish and other seafood mainly octopus which contribute to the gastronomy reputation of today’s Rodrigues.
  • Boating and Sailing: Aside from fishing in the lagoon you can sail (depending on the wind) or take a motorboat to one of the uninhabited islands and spend a day like Robinson Crusoe! Lost in a sea of various shades of blue, indulge yourself in swimming or snorkelling in the channels that link the lagoon to the ocean. With a knowledgeable captain and crew explore the boundaries of these islets, stop for a barbecue lunch on the shore, hike across the island and discover the fauna and flora. Ile aux Cocos is a protected bird sanctuary, where only partial access is granted to ensure the tranquillity of the birds and their nests. A wonderful day outing.
  • Kite- & Windsurfing, Surfing: Whether you are a kite surfer, windsurfer, surfer or a stand-up paddler, you will find your pleasure in surfing the waves and water of Rodrigues. The immense and stunning 200km large lagoon and the regular trade winds make the south-eastern coast a kite surfer’s paradise. Bakwa Lodge is on the spot! Rodrigues, being ideally situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, invites a constant trade wind. The ideal time of the year for kiters is from May to October with the best months being June to September. The general conditions are cross shore winds, blowing south south/east. The lagoon is secure and completely safe. Kiters are in waist deep water, ideal for learning and also great for practicing tricks. Both beginners and advanced surfers are welcome on this sailing ground; you can ride the wave and share your space with the traditional pirogues. The immensity of the lagoon makes it so that you are not crowded and feel completely safe while learning.
  • Island trips: Discover the island of Rodrigues at your own pace. There are no traffic jams, hardly any stop lights or stop signs, and in general, space to park anywhere. You don’t even need a road map to venture to the less travelled roads of Rodrigues however a 4 x 4 is recommended for most off-road driving. You may opt for a rental car with or without a driver. A nice option is to sign up for a guided island tour, this will allow you to see the island- in a day -as well as receive valuable information and a variety of fun facts.
  • Zip Lining: Playing Tarzan in the trees amidst the flying “paille en queues” and golden bats is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in Rodrigues. Indulge in breathtaking views of the lagoons, the waterfalls, the lush green valleys and discover the beauty of Rodrigues while suspended at a thrilling height of more than 100 meters above the dense forests.
  • Hiking: Rodrigues is an island that needs to be discovered on foot, whether it is an inland trip or a trip along the edge of the lagoon. Trekking or even walking represents a good opportunity to meet the local people, to share some small talk and to discover the island life. Rodrigues can be easily explored with or without a guide and since the Island is small and it is literally impossible to get lost. One can start off on foot and then decide to take a bus or even a boat to continue the route! The locals are very keen to help and will always be able to indicate the paths “less taken”. A variety of guided hikes are available, some departing directly from Bakwa Lodge. Most hikes are between 2 and 4 hours and the difficulty level vary form “Easy” to “Moderate”.

At any moment during your stay at Bakwa Lodge, spend leisure time pampering your body & mind. Enjoy a massage or reflexology using essential oils, or a traditional care, in the comfort of your residence. Different types of massages available from Aromatherapy to Swedish Massages and Relaxing body Massages.

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