Cosmoledo Eco Camp

“Focussed on conservation of the pristine marine environment with cool eco-pod accommodation and world class diving and fly-fishing”
Budget level: High-End
When to Go
All year
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Camp Permanent
Outer Islands
Kids Min Age
All Ages

Committed to the conservation, preservation and protection of the natural resources of Cosmoledo Atoll, the single eco-camp situated on Wizard Island is where nature meets sustainable hospitality, the likes of which you won’t find elsewhere.

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For a long time Cosmoledo Atoll was the ultimate domain of fly fishermen, however, with the erection of the Cosmoledo Eco Camp this has now changed and a whole new world is opening up to those adventurous souls wishing to explore something new and different.

Cosmoledo Atoll is part of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles and its pristine and untouched ecosystem boasts vast, wade able sand flats, beautiful islands of different shapes and sizes as well as a wonderful lagoon. With very little human pressure on its environment over the years the encounters you’ll experience are proof of how remote and preserved this magnificent atoll is. Cosmoledo Atoll is situated just over 1,000 km from the main island of Mahé, and a mere stone’s throw from the World Heritage Site of Aldabra. Cosmoledo forms part of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles and is one of the last vestiges of conservation in the region.

Cosmoledo Atoll offers a single eco-camp situated on Wizard Island. With its commitment to the conservation, preservation and protection of the natural resources of Cosmoledo, this truly is where nature meets creative hospitality. The 8 Eco Pods of 38 sqm each will provide comfortable and stylish accommodation with all the luxury amenities needed. The recrafted Eco Pods draw in a sense of serenity and adventure from the unspoiled beauty of its surroundings, whilst at the same time exuding a unity with its location.

Cosmoledo Eco Camp has an exceptional dining and entertainment area, consisting of a large tent with bare beach floors which features a dining area, a congenial lounge and a wide selection of drinks on offer.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included with breakfast consisting of a continental buffet as well as a hot option, whilst lunch can either be enjoyed in the dining area or as a packed picnic option to be enjoyed anywhere on the island. Dinner is a time for nature enthusiasts, divers, anglers, single travellers and couples alike to come together and share stories about their day’s adventures. There is a strong emphasis on the Seychellois Creole heritage of the island and menus often feature fresh fish, complemented by produce from the vegetable garden on Alphonse Island.

The Camp offers a wide array of activities. Complimentary activities include guided kayaking around the atolls, guided stand up paddle boarding, a guided tour across Wizard Island for guests to familiarise themselves with the coastal trails and most secret spots on the island, and lastly the reef flats expedition where one travels the inside reef flats of Cosmoledo with a knowledgeable guide. Each week guests are offered a few luxury experiences to choose from such as sundowners on the beach, a flats lunch and on Wednesdays, de-tackling drinks and snacks.

Very little SCUBA diving has been done around Cosmoledo to date, making for a thrilling and unique diving experience, with new dive sites constantly being discovered.

Cosmoledo is an important bird area and holds Seychelles’ largest colonies of all three species of booby that breed in Seychelles, including the last viable population of Brown Booby. Enjoy bird watching excursions with an expert guide.

Of course, the blue-water and fly fishing is world-class, and guests have access to some of the top fly-fishing guides in the world.

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