Enkewa Camp

“Small owner operated camp inside the National Reserve in a privileged position to experience the migration without the crowds”
Budget level: Mid-Range
When to Go
All year
Property Type
Camp Temporary
The Masai Mara
Kids Min Age
All Ages

Enkewa Camp is a small, exclusive, luxury tented camp in the heart of the least explored area of the Masai Mara. Enkewa Camp, an owner-run camp, is based on an eco-sustainable concept with a knowledgeable, experienced and professional team formed by local Maasai.

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Enkewa Camp is in a privileged location inside the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya and with their philosophy of tracking and searching for their ‘own wildlife sightings’ far away from the transited areas, makes the Enkewa safari experience amongst the best in the Masai Mara!

The camp is located in superb BIG 5 country with access to 4 different lion prides within minutes from camp, as well as the best leopard territory inside the reserve. The Black rhino density in the area is the highest in the entire Masai Mara-Serengeti eco-System.

For centuries the Masai tribe has learned to co-exist with its surroundings and its wildlife and the camp’s experienced and skilled Maasai spotters/trackers will read all signs in order to find the best opportunities to observe the wildlife of the African savanna. The custom-built 4×4 vehicles allow access the most remote places where they can avoid the more crowded routes of the Mara as well as to enjoy privacy during the safari.

The camp has a capacity of only 5 tents, one mess tent and a lounge area. The tents are comfortable and spacious with views over the savanna. Charging is available 24h in the camp. The priority is that guests feel at ‘home away from home’ and enjoy a unique an authentic wildlife experience far from the transited areas.

The luxury tents are all fully insect-proof, with en-suite bathrooms and a flushing toilet, running cold water and hot safari showers. Strategic positioning of the tents has been carefully done according to a geo-biology analysis (magnetic fields and radiations) which contributes to better sleep. As per their eco-friendly nature the camp exclusively uses solar energy so they can avoid use of generator or pumps that might interfere with guests rest.

The low number of tents allows the owner to offer a real quality experience and it also gives character to the camp. The lounge, library and the massage services provide the ideal facilities for a comfortable and relaxed stay. The small river flows permanently creating the most relaxing sounds around the camp and is also ideal for experiencing the wildebeest migration.

An unforgettable safari experience also requires of great food! Homemade menu’s prepared with organic products according to any diet requirements that guests might have. No buffet is served and delicious picnic bush breakfasts and lunches in carefully selected sites will be part of your unforgettable safari memories.

At Enkewa they are fascinated with the Maasai culture and they are concerned about the importance of guests having a full comprehension of its traditions and ceremonies, oral history, rituals and ancient knowledge. The team has a deep respect for the Maasai tribe and admire how they have proudly kept their customs and their co-existence with the surrounded nature intact. During your stay at Enkewa camp you will get as close to the Maasai culture as you wish introduced by local people who will share their traditions.

Sundowners are a safari tradition timed to start as the sun starts its descent. The guides will direct the evening game drive towards one of the stunningly panoramic sundowner sites where chairs are set, drinks and aperitifs served. It’s one of those moments that create a unique atmosphere between guest together with their guide and spotter.

A hot air-balloon flight over the Mara plains is a magical once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stay in your travel memories forever! Give yourself a treat and feel the immensity of the Mara at its best while smoothly flying above the savanna and its wildlife. Float in the sky, drifting with the whim of the wind, overlooking the plains, just in time to experience a breathtaking sunrise and catch a bird’s eye view of the reserve.

Enkewa Camp is also the ideal base for visitors who want to photograph in the Masai Mara. Over the years and having accompanied many photographers from all over the world, whether professional or amateur, the Enkewa team have acquired solid experience in setting the car in the best positions according to light, frame and distance. They know how long it takes to find a good shot and they are committed to do their best for you to succeed. The custom build vehicles are open sided and with open roofs ideal for photography!

Surrounded by stillness and the calmness of the Olepolos oasis, the priority is to achieve that guests at Enkewa enjoy a far from the crowds, authentic and exclusive safari experience.

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