Katavi Wildlife Camp

“Affordable camp in the best location in Katavi!”
Budget level: Affordable
When to Go
June to February
Property Type
Camp Permanent
Western Tanzania

Katavi Wildlife Camp is set back amongst the trees fringing the Kitasunga Plain. As the Katuma river is just close by a daily parade of animals pass in front of the camp on their way to drink. Just a great location right amongst the action!

Katavi Plains National Park is universally recognized as one of the few truly remote and untouched areas of Tanzania’s immense conservation areas. This is primarily due to its position in the far south west of the country and the associated cost and time involved in reaching the park. For those who do take the time to visit, and unforgettable safari awaits them. Being one of the least visited National Parks is a bonus for the few who make it, not a reflection on the experience to be had there – it is a place for those seeking the Africa of decades ago.

Katavi is predominantly high plains grassland, which becomes swampy wetland during the rains, interspersed with fringes of miombo woodland and scattered acacia. At more than 1 million hectares, Katavi is the third largest National Park with two lakes, Lake Katavi in the north and Lake Chada in the south, fed by the Kutuma River. These lakes are cracked open plains during the dry season from June to November, only filling in the rains. Kutuma River shrinks to a narrow stream, with pools which become the extremely cramped quarters of hundreds of hippos and crocs during the dry season. In fact, Katavi has the highest density of hippo and the largest crocodiles in East Africa.

Katavi Wildlife Camp has a total of 8 tent platforms shaded by an extended thatch roof. The bar lounge has perfect views out across the plain towards the river where many lion kills are witnessed as there is a resident pride of lion close by.

There are 6 classic tents and 2 suites, which are 2 tents (with separate bathrooms) on a shared platform with a private pool These are suitable for family groups of max 6 people. There is also a honeymoon tent and all tents have views over the Kitasunga plain.

Game drives are taken in open, adapted 4WD vehicles with tiered seating and sun shading. Vehicles can seat either 4/5 or 6/7 people. Soft drinks are provided. Game viewing is on a shared basis unless a private vehicle reserved. Guided walks are available with a TANAPA guide. Plenty of game can be seen from the camp itself including the occasional lion kill.

A number of regional airlines operate regular weekly scheduled flights from Ruaha to Katavi. The return flights continue to Selous, Mikumi, Zanzibar and Dar. Flights also go the Mahale which is a great extension to visiting Katavi.

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