Klein-Aus Vista Eagle’s Nest

“Gateway to Lüderitz, Kolmanskop and the Wild Horses with fantastic views to match!”
Budget level: Affordable
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All year
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Lodge, Self Catering
Southern Namib & Kalahari, Southern Namibia

Rediscover freedom at Klein-Aus Vista with its sweeping vistas of subtle colours where the Pro-Namib merges with desert sands. Treat yourself to a few days at the Eagle’s Nest Chalets, built into rounded granite boulders with a rugged granite-gneiss mountain as a backdrop. Above, eagles may soar, and in front, the expansive views will take your breath away!

A mere seven-kilometre drive from the Klein Aus Desert Horse Inn, the Eagle’s Nest chalets are private self-catering retreats, each built individually, combining natural elements and boulders into their interiors in a rustic and luxurious blend. You may just want to stay here forever…

Choose whether to cook in the kitchen, on the fire, or to eat in the Desert Horse Inn restaurant; take-away breakfast or barbecue packs are available on request. Eagle’s Nest is an attractive base for those who appreciate boundless space, choices, a sense of the land, privacy, innovation, the out-of-the-ordinary and the spectacular.

The Eagle’s Nest chalets have been built especially for you and offer the following:

7 Chalets (3 double, 3 triple Rooms and 1 four bed unit)
Restaurant at the Desert Horse Inn Reception Area
Bar at the Desert Horse Inn Reception Area
Swimming Pool at the Desert Horse Inn
Wi-Fi (100 MB free) at the Desert Horse Inn
Mobile Connectivity at the Desert Horse Inn Reception Area
Secure Parking

Lüderitz is just 120 km away and the ghost town of Kolmanskop only 115 km (tar road). Klein-Aus Vista is the ideal starting point for a trip to both places. Twenty km from Aus, on the way to or back from Lüderitz, visit the Garub water hole where the wild horses and several other animals of the desert plains can be found. The Wild Horses of the Namib have roamed this harsh habitat since 1915 and are an experience one should not miss.

Attractions of the area are:

  • The Succulent Karoo – after soft winter rains a sea of bright flowers in the vast plains of the southern Namib. In Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park near Aus, you experience the most bio-diverse desert on earth. It is a landscape of granite mountains, dry riverbeds and sweeping plains. To the east the park borders on the Nama Karoo, and to the north on the dune sea of the Namib, where the Wild Horses roam.
  • Wild Horses of the Namib – They roam the sparsely vegetated plains of the Namib Desert in small groups. Over the decades they have conquered the desert as their habitat. They come to drink from the trough at Garub, some 20 km west of Aus. From a hide you can watch the horses and take pictures.
  • Kolmanskop – When diamonds were found in 1908, a little town with grand mansions rose from the Namib Desert. The deserted diamond settlement of Kolmanskop now offers endless opportunities to take extraordinary pictures. Just 110 km away from Klein-Aus Vista on the B4, the best tar road in Africa, this is an ideal activity to do when planning a day visit to Lüderitz.
  • Lüderitz – The harbour town of Lüderitz on the Atlantic coast boasts a heritage of magnificent Jugendstil buildings. The Waterfront and the old stone cross, erected by Portuguese seafarers more than 500 years ago, are also well worth a visit.

Other activities on offer at Klein Aus Vista are:

Mountain Biking – Namibia stands for endless horizons, wilderness and beautiful natural settings. An excellent way to experience the stunning nature of Namibia is to go on a mountain bike ride through these wide and mountainous landscapes. The lodge have laid out different trails on the land which cater for intermediate to advance mountain bikers and guide you through the wild romantic scenery of the Aus Mountains in Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park and the neighbouring Farm Kubub. The trails lead you through the impressive biodiversity, geology and historical sites of the area.

Hiking – There are numerous ways to discover the Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park and its adjacent lands. For nature-and adventure lovers, the lodge offers various marked hiking trails which guide you through the wildly romantic scenery of the Aus Mountains to explore the flora and fauna of the Succulent Karoo desert. The trails cater for both beginners and experienced hikers and there are six different hiking trails to choose from. All trails are carefully marked with differently coloured arrows. At every starting point there is an Info Kiosk with detailed maps and information of all trails and specific parking spots, so that you can comfortably start from several locations, regardless of where you are staying at Klein-Aus Vista.

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