Lobolo Camp

“Mystical and REAL remote camp for the intrepid travel into Kenya’s wild Northern Frontier”
Budget level: Mid-Range
When to Go
Closed April, May and November
Property Type
Camp Temporary
Northern Kenya
Kids Min Age

Midway along the western shore of Lake Turkana sheltered in the hollow of a spit lies Lobolo, which in the local Turkana language means a place of abundant water, indeed it is an area of natural springs whose waters have given rise to a verdant oasis of foliage and distinct animal and birdlife. It is a discreet oasis with a special atmosphere of tranquillity and a halcyon spirit, “far from the maddening crowds.”

Lake Turkana Lobolo Camp boasts of space, views, breeze and relative comfort. A 360-degree open guest area welcomes you at the camp on arrival, with a breath-taking view over the lake and the horizon.

Lake Turkana, lying within The Great Rift Valley, is the world’s largest desert lake. Situated in an ancient landscape, the harsh but hauntingly beautiful lake has always been an intrepid travellers’ destination. Long thought to be the “Cradle of Mankind” the area continues to reveal new archaeological discoveries and a walk along the fossil lined shores can only spark the imagination.

Explore Lobolo’s forest and spring surroundings and relish the unspoiled beach and the cliff which is the backdrop to the camp. Marvel at the panoramic view of the spectacular combination of features before your eyes and cap it with a sundowner atop the cliff….

Adeptly integrated into this milieu are Lobolo’s eight ensuite safari-genre tents, with spring water showers, flushing toilets and washbasins, nestled within the extensive palm grove. Each tent has its unique remarkable varied view of the sandy beach, the lake, Central Island and the distant shoreline. The tents are elevated to give a vantage view level and are well sealed against insects or any unwelcome intruder.

At Lobolo Camp, the motto for food is: Simply Fresh! They may not have a suitable garden to grow their own food but guarantee you nothing but fresh food at all times. Hand-picked fresh food and of the best quality available, so simply fresh and the best! Meals are served from the open sided dining tent, and the meals cater for all dietary needs with plenty of vegetables, fresh salads and fruits.

The secret behind surviving at Turkana and enjoying every bit of your stay is drinking enough water. At the camp it is all inclusive i.e. drinking water, beverages, juice, beer, house wine and some selected spirits

Lobolo boasts the biggest swimming pool ever – Lake Turkana. The Lake’s jade colour and calm waters “when the lake is at peace” is irresistible and a swim is a must, it is so soothing and refreshing…you may not want to leave Turkana at all. A walk on the beach at any given time, with or without breeze is a rewarding experience. Behold the beautiful scenery and the serenity of the surrounding, you just want to continue walking forever.

With a whole lake to explore, the expedition possibilities are endless. Lake Turkana is not your typical wildlife destination, rather a panacea for bird watchers, fishermen, archaeological enthusiasts and adventure seekers in the expeditionary sense.

The western shore of Lake Turkana at Lowarengak has the almost complete skeleton of a hominind – The Turkana Boy and has a rich deposit of ancient tools that were dated 1.6 million years old. The eastern shore within Sibiloi National park fossil rich tufts have yielded so far Hominid skulls along with a variety of animal fossils and the petrified forest.

The camp offers multiple activities from sports fishing to fly fishing, guided walks, fly camping, bird watching, helicopter and boat safaris, visits to Central Island and the list goes on.

Fly camping at Lobolo is by a mobile rig consisting of medium size stand-in tents equipped with camp-bed, mattress, pillow, beddings and towels. Other necessity to make one’s stay as comfortable as possible include a dining mess tent, kitchenette and generator to light up the camp.

With your fishing gear, all you need to do is to choose your destination and a dedicated fishing boat will be ready waiting for action. Fishing is normally done at your place of choice but the main areas are around Central Island, Kampi Turkana on the east side and around Alia Bay area in Sibiloi National Park. At times and on request the boats can also go to South Island. Expected catch is Nile Perch, Tilapia, Tiger (Hydrocynus vittatus and Hydrocynus forskahlii) fish, catfish to mention but a few.

Helicopter safaris with the feel of being close to the sky and above everything else, is another ideal and exciting way of travel to Lake Turkana and around Lake Turkana. Flying Turkana and the North Frontier District [NFD] is not limited to Turkana only, but also include Marsabit, the east side of Lake Turkana. From Lobolo Camp, with packed lunch, it’s possible to do by helicopter day excursions to Omo delta, IIeret, Sibiloi National Park/Koobi Fora, Chalbi desert, Loyangalani, Nabuyatom, Suguta Valley and Kerio Valley delta to mention but a few…this is a never to be forgotten experience, truly once in a life time!

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