"The Gem of Africa"

Lying between the Limpopo and Zambezi rivers in south central Africa, Zimbabwe is often referred to as ‘the gem of Africa’. A country abundant with wildlife and rich with history and culture, it is a unique destination ideal for those seeking to explore the more adventurous road less travelled.

As part of the great plateau that is a major feature of the geography of southern Africa, Zimbabwe boasts vast expanses of remote wilderness and great natural beauty. It is here that you will find some of the nation’s greatest game viewing where intimate encounters with zebra, baboons, elephants, buffalos and lion are almost guaranteed.

Zimbabwe is also home to the breathtaking natural phenomena of Victoria Falls – a World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Stretching across 1708 meters, water from the legendary Zambezi River cascades 108 meters into the gorge below. It is the ultimate destination to conclude your African adventure.


Fast facts

  • Population: 14 million (approx.)
  • Zimbabwe covers an area of 390,759 km² and is landlocked by four countries – Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana and South Africa
  • There are 16 official languages with English, Shona, and Ndebele being the most commonly used
  • Home to 350 species of mammals, more than 500 birds and 131 fish species
  • Here you’ll find one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World and six UNESCO World Heritage Sites



Why we like it

  • Some of the finest and most diverse parks in Africa
  • Some of Africa’s best wildlife viewing, fishing / angling AND adventure activities
  • Areas that are more remote than other popular African destinations, meaning visitors can experience a more wild and unscathed Africa
  • Rich with history and heritage
  • Some of the most varied adventure and wildlife activities found anywhere in Africa!

Locations in Zimbabwe

Flying 8 Nights
Budget level: High-End
Lodge and Canvas 10 Nights
Price * $11,299 USD
Mobile Safari 7 Nights
Price * $1,490 USD
Lodge 10 Nights
Price * $3,595 USD
Mobile Safari 14 Nights
Price * $2,660 USD
Lodge and Canvas 17 Nights
Budget level: Top-End
Lodge and Canvas 3 Nights
Budget level: All Budgets
Lodge and Canvas 12 Nights
Budget level: Mid-Range
Self drive 21 Nights
Budget level: Budget
Lodge 9 Nights
Budget level: High-End
Self drive 16 Nights
Budget level: Mid-Range
Lodge and Canvas 11 Nights
Budget level: High-End
Lodge 12 Nights
Budget level: Mid-Range
Lodge and Canvas 8 Nights
Budget level: Mid-Range
Mobile Safari 7 Nights
Price indicator * $4,365 USD
Mobile Safari 14 Nights
Budget level: Affordable
Mobile Safari 11 Nights
Budget level: Mid-Range
Lodge and Canvas 8 Nights
Budget level: High-End

When to Go

Zimbabwe has a tropical climate, moderated by altitude, and can be visited anytime of the year. Deciding when to go will depend on personal preference and interests however with mild temperatures and virtually no rain the Dry Season tends to be the most popular time to visit. Here’s a few things to consider when planning your journey:

Wet Season (November to April)

Clear blue skies, lots of sunshine and virtually no rain make this the peak season for visitors. Due to less density of the local vegetation during this time of year, adventurers looking to view wildlife will readily spot animals gathering around waterholes and rivers. Those that are wanting to visit Victoria Falls will also find this the ideal time, as waters run mid to low meaning there is less spray and views are clearer. Also, the lower the water level the wilder the rapids and the white-water rafting! Also, Devils Pool (in Zambia) is only accessible in the dry season.
During October, it can be quite warm during the day in the low-lying areas, with temperatures well above 32 degrees (Celsius), however it gets cold at night and in the mornings.

Dry season (May to October)

Low season in Zimbabwe, rains are mostly contained to short afternoon showers. The scenery is green, lush and spectacular and dramatic afternoon electrical storms can occur creating an ideal backdrop for photographs. It is during this season that many animals give birth meaning there tends to be plenty of opportunity to see newborn animals. Whilst bird watching is at a high during these months, game viewing is more difficult since there is vegetation is thicker and animals no longer rely on water holes.
From October to December the flow of the Zambezi River is at its lowest and Victoria Falls might just be a just a trickle in the very dry years.

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Cash is king in Zimbabwe: following the collapse of the Zimbabwe Dollar, Zimbabwe currently uses the US Dollar as its main form of currency. Make sure you can cover your costs during your visit as withdrawing cash from an ATM or bank is not something you can rely on. In addition to this, travellers’ cheques and credit/debit cards are not widely accepted and often incur hefty fees.


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