La Digue

“Where time stands still & with the most photographed beach in the world!”

La Digue is an island where time stands still and time-honoured traditions such as travelling by oxcart and bicycle are still king. Traditional methods of boat building and refining of coconut products (copra) are still practised on La Digue.

La Digue is a close neighbour to Praslin and to its satellite islands of Félicité, Marianne and the Sisters Islands, La Digue is the fourth largest island in Seychelles. La Digue takes its name from one of the vessels in explorer Marion Dufresne’s fleet, sent by the French to explore Seychelles’ granitic islands in 1768.

The friendly atmosphere of this intimate island with its languid pace of life, traditional architecture and breathtaking beaches, such as legendary Anse Source d’Argent, is an absolute must for visitors.

Apart from hosting the Seychelles’ black paradise flycatcher, one of the rarest birds on earth, La Digue’s biodiversity features such stars as the Chinese bittern, cave swiftlet, waxbill as well as two rare species of terrapin. La Digue’s forests also contain a wealth of flora in the form of delicate orchids, tumbling vines of vanilla, as well as trees such as Indian almond and takamaka. Gardens blaze with hibiscus and nepenthes against a backdrop of swaying coconut palms.

La Digue offers 11 beaches with Anse Source d’Argent reputed to be the most photographed beach in the world. With its soft white sand, clear turquoise water and huge granite boulders sculptured by the elements and time itself, it is not difficult to see why photographers and film makers still love to come here. The sea is sheltered by the reef, and is very calm and shallow, with only sand underfoot which makes it safe for children.

Take a step back in time and visit L’Union Estate and see a traditional copra mill and kiln, watch the antics of the estate’s population of giant land tortoises or stroll around the majestic Plantation House framed by giant granite boulders in landscaped gardens, or go horseback riding.  Plantation House said to be one of the oldest houses in the Seychelles is the focal point of L’Union Estate, which originally belonged to the wealthy Hossen family, who came to Seychelles from Mauritius in the 19th century. The house was used several years ago for the shooting of the film Goodbye Emmanuelle and is one of the cherished historical souvenirs of Seychelles’ Creole heritage.  

The famous granite boulder of La Digue is a natural wonder and forms part of L’Union Estate and is classified as a National Monument. Covering an acre of land at Anse L’Union on the west coast of the island of La Digue, the granite boulder of Anse L’Union is a spectacular piece of natural sculpture brought forth from the womb of mother nature, its magnificent shape due to its long exposure to the sculpting forces of nature.  

The Veuve Information Centre is the only environment office on La Digue. The office manages the Veuve Reserve and the environment of La Digue and has available most information on the unique flora and fauna of La Digue especially of the Paradise Flycatcher or “Veuve”. They undertake regular monitoring of Paradise Flycatcher, rare swiftlets, sea turtles and once a year common land birds. The staff is able to take you out for a short-guided tour of the reserve to see nest sites and the elusive birds, or upon request to nature trails outside the reserve.

Niz D’Aigle, climb to the highest point in La Digue and get a 360° view of its wonders. View vistas and beaches and enjoy a look at the nearby islands rising from the ocean. Length: 1.3 km/Time: 40 mins /Difficulty: Easy /Total ascent & descent: 213 m  

Island Hopping possibilities from La Digue include:  Aride, Cousin, Curieuse, Félicité, Grande Soeur, Ile Cocos , Mahé and Praslin.

La Digue has numerous and diverse accommodation for visitors, and its picturesque satellite islands are ideal for snorkelling and diving excursions. 

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