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Frank’s pick for a Luxury Botswana Safari

“Spending quality time at some of Frank’s favourite safari lodges in Botswana”
Budget level: High-End
9 Nights
Safari Type
Lodge and Canvas
Central Kalahari, Okavango Delta
Kids Min Age

A safari selected by Frank that covers both the Kalahari and the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Perfect for travellers whom want a luxury safari experience in private concessions where the wildlife is simply outstanding.

Itinerary in Brief

3 Nights Dinaka

3 Nights Kanana

3 Nights Shinde

A 9-night luxury safari moving between 3 sister camps, all set in private concessions for the perfect uninterrupted wildlife viewing and photography. Frank specifically chose these three lodges not only for their quality and luxurious accommodations, but also for their access to incredible wildlife resulting from the wide diversity of habitats. Explore the Kalahari and the Okavango Delta over these 9 nights and enjoy a maximum of only 4 guests per vehicle, allowing everyone to have a window seat.

The safari can be done in any order, but we would recommend either starting or ending with Dinaka in the Kalahari to allow for shorter flights. The safari starts in Maun where a charter will take you to the Kalahari where you will spend 3 nights in Dinaka exploring this arid acacia dotted landscape as you go in search of the resident Kalahari wildlife such as oryx, springbok, black-maned lions, caracals and a few other special species. Dinaka is also home to a fantastic sunken hide set in front of a waterhole where mammals and birdlife are concentrated, and the photography is incredible. You also have the option of spending a night under the starry skys on the dedicated star deck. After those first nights another flight will take you to the Okavango Delta. Spend 3 nights in the Kanana concessions, the perfect mix of water (boating and mokoro) and land-based activities to explore this totally different landscape. One of the greatest highlights of Kanana, aside from the resident lions and leopards, is the seasonal heronry, which is one of the largest in Southern Africa. Here thousands of aquatic bird species nest on small fig islands deep in the Delta making for an incredible spectacle, even if you aren’t an avid birder! After the 3 nights at Kanana it’s off to the jewel of all 3 lodges, that is Shinde. Shinde is freshly refurbished for the latest of luxury accommodations and being set in the private Shinde concession it allows for excellent access to year-round wildlife viewing and water-based activities. The waterways are perfect for boating and seasonal fishing adventures, while the surrounding bush is home to resident leopards which are frequently spotted. Shinde concession also has open grassland habitat where cheetahs are known to prowl, making this one of the highlights of visiting the area, although cheetahs are notoriously tricky to find!

Detailed Itinerary

Nights 1-3: Dinaka

An exclusive private conservancy hugging the northern edge of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. This ever-changing desert landscape gives refuge to the Kalahari lion, springbok, Oryx and brown hyena. The camp itself was acquired in 2017 and provides the perfect start or finish to any discerning travellers Botswana safari. 

Guests are accommodated in seven spacious twin and double-bedded thatched safari tents, each en-suite bathroom has both a large walk in shower and outdoor shower with a view. Families are accommodated in a two-bedroomed thatched tent, sharing a spacious en-suite bathroom – ideal for families in this child-friendly camp. Dinaka’s tents are well spaced and raised up on wooden decks giving the perfect vantage point over a permanent water hole. Connected by wooden walkways all areas of camp are accessible by wheelchair.

Activities include morning and afternoon game drives in open safari vehicles, with night drives heading out into the darkness with hopes of witnessing the nocturnal wildlife happenings. When out on game drives the window seat guarantee ensures no more than four guests per vehicle and individual use of a camera mount. Educational walks are conducted by San Bushman guides offering you an insight into this ancient culture, their survival techniques and historical way of life. Birding is particularly spectacular as Dinaka hosts over 200 different bird species including the Kori Bustard and Crimson Breasted Shrike and a high concentration of Pale Chanting Goshawks.

Nights 4-6: Kanana

Set in a remote, private and beautiful part of the Okavango Delta, the Kanana concession is only accessible by small aircraft. A short transfer then takes you from the open floodplains to the riverine woodland where the camp is beautifully laid out in harmony with its surrounds.

The main area consists of a large raised platform centered around a massive Figtree, where professional and friendly staff cater are ready to cater and host your Okavango get away. There is plenty of seating area as well as a main dining area where all the fine dining takes place. There is a fireplace located on ground level, on the white sand of the delta where it belongs and overlooks a vast lagoon.

The activities at Kanana are incredibly diverse but are however at the mercy of the annual floods which dictate water levels and access to certain areas. Both morning and afternoon game drives can be expected which can be supplemented by boating, mokoro, fishing and walking safaris making this one of the camps which just about has it all. Added onto of the varied activity list is the abundance of wildlife, especially birdlife with the concession being home to a seasonal heronry that’s nesting ground for many bird species.

Nights 7-9: Shinde

Nestled on a lush palm island in the heart of the northern Okavango Delta, Shinde is an intimate, classic camp located on the edge of Shinde Lagoon, which simply teems with animal and birdlife. The camps unique main area comprises of a multi-tiered dining room and lounge which is set under canvas under the shade of ebony and mangosteen trees.

Shinde was rebuilt in 2020. Shinde is an iconic camp, one of the first in the Okavango Delta, and loved by many. The new Shinde pays homage to its former self retaining the authentic classic safari style. The new tents and main area provide a luxury experience with a touch of historical charm.

Courtesy of its location Shinde can offer both water and land activities year-round. Motorboats or Mokoro provide a chance to experience the incredible bird, plant and reptile species found in the aquatic habitat of the Okavango Delta. Game drives are conducted by a personal guide in comfortable, specially designed game drive vehicles. When out on game drives our window seat guarantee ensures no more than four guests per vehicle and individual use of a camera mount. For the more adventurous, guided walks are also available while fishing enthusiasts will enjoy fishing for a variety of species such as tilapia and tiger fish.

When To Go

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