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Northern Namibia, Caprivi & Vic Falls

“Self-drive lodge to lodge and enjoy the best of Northern Namibia and the Caprivi, as well as Vic Falls!”
Budget level: Mid-Range
Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe
When to Go
All year
16 Nights
Safari Type
Lodge and Canvas, Self drive
Damaraland, Etosha National Park & Surrounds, Northern Botswana, Northern Namibia Safaris, Victoria Falls, Zambezi Region (Caprivi)

This journey takes you to the highlights of northern Namibia and through the tropical Caprivi region to Chobe National Park in Botswana. As a special treat, you will also visit the spectacle that is Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe at the end of the trip!

Itinerary in Brief

Night 1: River Crossing Lodge
Nights 2 and 3: Erongo Wilderness Lodge
Nights 4 and 5: Camp Kipwe
Night 6: Etosha Mountain Lodge
Nights 7 and 8: Onguma Tree Top Camp
Night 9: Hakusembe River Lodge
Night 10: Shametu River Lodge
Nights 11 and 12: Kazile Island Lodge
Nights 13 and 14: Chobe Bakwena Lodge
Nights 15 and 16: Ilala Lodge

This trip through northern Namibia will give you deep insights into the most beautiful places this country has to offer!

You will travel through breath-taking landscapes, experience historic cultural sites of ancient tribes and go on safari in excellent national parks, where you can get up close with the BIG 5 and countless other species. Namibia is one of the most diverse countries in Southern Africa. The country offers a variety of breath-taking natural wonders – from rough coastlines, rugged and rocky plains, impressive deserts to lush green savannahs!

From Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, you head north towards the Erongo Mountains. This area has breath-taking rock and landscape formations thanks to millions of years of volcanic activity. After spending two nights there and admiring stunning sunsets, your journey continues to the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site Twyfelfontein. Here you will have the chance to explore what this region has become famous for – the Bushmen’s rock engravings.

Your route continues northeast, to a highlight of your journey, Etosha National Park. You will stay overnight in the exclusive Etosha Heights Private Reserve and two nights in the Onguma Nature Reserve, which borders directly with the Etosha National Park in the east. Both nature reserves offer first class safari experiences, so be prepared for fantastic animal sightings and with a little luck you might even get close to some members of the BIG 5!

The next stop is Rundu, which lies on Namibia’s northern border with Angola and directly on the Cubango River. In this green paradise you can recharge your batteries and let all the exciting adventures of the last few days sink in before heading further into the Caprivi Strip. Thanks to the rivers that surround this area, the Caprivi region is more tropical and greener than the rest of the country. Here, in an idyllic camp right on the Kwando River, you will spend your last two nights in Namibia before crossing the border into Botswana for two nights on the Chobe River.

Then cross the border into Zimbabwe for two more nights at Victoria Falls, with the falls the crowning glory of a breath-taking journey!

Detailed Itinerary

Night 1: Windhoek - River Crossing Lodge

Welcome to Namibia!

Windhoek is the perfect start for your trip. Here you can relax after your flight, explore the capital of Namibia and prepare yourself for the adventure ahead. Windhoek is a safe, clean and well organised city. You can take the time to visit some of the city’s sights, such as the Church of Christ, the Old Festivals of 1896 or the more modern Independence Memorial Museum.

Typical for Windhoek are the many street vendors offering their handicrafts, where you can already purchase your first souvenirs. Enjoy your first evening in one of the city’s restaurants, e.g. Joe’s Beerhouse, which offers delicious and authentic food inspired by the diversity of Namibia and its people.

The River Crossing Lodge is situated in a private game reserve just outside Windhoek and offers a magnificent view over the city.

Nights 2 and 3: Erongo - Erongo Wilderness Lodge

This morning you leave the capital behind and head north!

Your first stop will be the beautiful Erongo region. The Erongo Mountains are a circular massif, an eroded relic of a volcano that was active 150 million years ago. You will spend two nights in the Erongo Wilderness Lodge. The dramatic rock formations of gigantic granite spheres combined with diverse nature are a spectacle in itself!

The Erongo Wilderness Lodge is nestled in this special wilderness area. Wooden footbridges lead you to your chalet, which is perfectly integrated into nature. Admire the sunrises, which are truly breath-taking here thanks to the unique landscape, and experience exciting activities such as nature and game drives, marvel at rock drawings of past bush people or enjoy a bush walk through the wilderness and find a new connection to nature.

Nights 4 and 5: Twyfelfontein - Camp Kipwe

The journey continues in a north-westerly direction, into Damaraland, through endless expanses of untouched landscapes, where one can quickly get the impression of travelling through a foreign world!

Rough rocks, endless horizons, rolling hills and old riverbeds pass by until you finally reach your destination – Twyfelfontein. This region is best known for its countless rock paintings and carvings, some of which date back to the Stone Age. Twyfelfontein is now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and new drawings are still regularly discovered.

You should not miss this cultural experience, but also the landscape and the view of the lodge will amaze you. The individual round chalets with private terraces nestle discreetly into the rock formations of an incomparable landscape and look as naturally as if they belong there. In addition to visiting the rock engravings, you will have the opportunity to search for the animals living in this special region. Besides various antelopes, birds and giraffes, there is even the chance to find desert elephants.

Night 6: Etosha - Etosha Mountain Lodge

The next leg of the journey takes you further north to the Etosha National Park, southwest of it is the Etosha Mountain Lodge.

Exclusively situated in the Etosha Heights Private Reserve, breath-taking views of dramatic sunrises and sunsets await you once again. Seven small chalets will guarantee a delightful and private stay. This region is especially known for the high population of the endangered black rhino. Take an early morning or afternoon game drive in search of these fascinating creatures while learning interesting details about the Etosha habitat.

Nights 7 and 8: Etosha - Onguma Tree Top Camp

Today is a BIG day driving east through the Etosha National Park onto Onguma Nature Reserve bordering the Park in the east!

The Etosha National Park is the most famous and also most important national park of the country and an overwhelming variety and density of species awaits you. With some luck you will also be able to spot the BIG5. The huge salt pan, which is located in the heart of the park and after which it was named, shapes the scenic image of the whole park.

Onguma Tree Top Camp in which you will spend two more nights, lives up to its name. It is built on wooden piles between the trees, so you will wake up to the chirping of the birds and an incredible view of one of the waterholes. This gives you the chance to watch Namibia’s wildlife from the comfort of your own small terrace or even from bed. This is a place for true adventure!

Nevertheless, you should wish to spend more time inside Etosha NP do another game drive into the Park, as the guides will search for the animals and thanks to their professional training you will be able to spot even the rarer creatures.

End your stay with a cool gin and tonic in hand, watching the animals graze peacefully in the red evening sunlight and drinking from the waterhole at Camp, a spectacle you will never forget!

Night 9: Rundu - Hakusembe River Lodge

Today you leave the vastness of the Etosha behind and head northeast to Rundu on the Okavango River!

Here you will spend the night at Hakusembe River Lodge, directly on the Okavango River (also called Cubango). The landscape and the whole atmosphere of this region is very different from Etosha National Park and invites you to relax in a green oasis. Between impressive trees and directly on the banks of the river are the very comfortable chalets of the lodge. Let yourself be pampered, reflect on the adventures of the last few days and enjoy nature, for example during an excellent meal in the open restaurant of the lodge.

If you still haven’t had enough of the adventures, you have the chance to take a boat trip on the Okavango and explore the impressive diversity of this habitat. In addition to countless bird species, hippos, crocodiles, a variety of fish, reptiles, amphibians

Night 10: Caprivi - Shametu Lodge

Today you continue your journey going further east into the Caprivi Strip!

Shametu River Lodge is situated on the banks of the Okavango River and overlooks the famous Popa Falls. The lodge welcomes you with an impressive range of activities. Go on a game drive in the Mahango National Park, whose vegetation is characterised by the flood plains of the Okavango River, bush land and a variety of baobabs. During a boat trip on the Okavango River, some species of animals will cross your path and you will experience the unique flair of this region with all its smells, sounds and noises in incredible intensity!

Nights 11 and 12: Caprivi - Kazile Island Lodge

The next section of the route takes you further east through the Caprivi Strip – drive slowly, keep your eyes open and enjoy the special landscape!

In the Bwabwata National Park, Kazile Island Lodge awaits you with a beautiful location on a private island on the sandbanks of the Kwando River. Accessible only by boat, you will find an idyll far off the beaten track. The tent accommodations are built on wooden piles directly at the water’s edge and guarantee you an utterly authentic safari experience with fantastic views. Especially the sunrises and sunsets over the river are legendary and can hardly be surpassed!

With a bit of luck, one of the resident herd of buffalo or elephant will pass by as they love this region rich with water and feed. In addition to the traditional game drives and bush walks through Bwabwata National Park, you have the chance to take a boat trip and see countless large and small animals at close range on the Kwando River.

As you will be spending two nights here, you should not miss the chance to visit the traditional Mashi village and its craft market, an experience of a different kind. Enjoy your last evening in Namibia with an exquisite dinner on the terrace of the lodge overlooking the river, tomorrow you will cross the border into Botswana!

Nights 13 and 14: Kasane - Chobe Bakwena

Chobe Bakwena Lodge on the Chobe River just outside Kasane in Botswana is a beautiful lodge with a focus on sustainability and responsible tourism. All employees come from the surrounding villages, which are thus supported by jobs and local trade.

Built in tree-house style on wooden piles, the lodge nestles into the leafy canopy of the forest, directly on the banks of the Chobe River. Long walkways connect the main area of the lodge with the swimming pool and many charming little retreats from where you can enjoy the wilderness and the view of the river. Stylishly furnished chalets are distributed around the main building with sufficient space between them to ensure privacy for each guest.

Explore this beautiful place by safari vehicle into the Chobe National Park, or even by bicycle into town. A boat trip on the Chobe River is NOT to be missed, as this is one of the places with the highest wildlife concentration in Africa and from the water, the animals can be observed particularly well and undisturbed. A special treat indeed!

Nights 15 and 16: Victoria Falls - Ilala Lodge

Even if it doesn’t necessarily make saying goodbye any easier, a real highlight awaits you at the end: the Victoria Falls!

This morning cross the border into Zimbabwe and head to the modern Ilala Lodge, offering you well-deserved luxury paired with unique activities around the Victoria Falls. You will have enough time to visit the various viewpoints in the National Park and enjoy the magnificent views. You can also stroll through the small town of Victoria Falls, book a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River, or participate in exciting activities such as rafting or bungee jumping. A helicopter or microlight flight over the Falls and into the Gorge is a highlight!

After a last day full of adventure, enjoy a delicious meal with cold drinks, end the evening around the campfire and prepare for your journey home the next day!

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