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Tanzania & Kenya Highlights Safari

"Intimate wildlife encounters and luxurious lodge stays across Tanzania and Kenya"
Price 5,070 USD * (See price tab)
When to Go
All Year
9 Nights
Safari Type
Lodge and Canvas
Arusha, Northern Tanzania, The Masai Mara
Kids Min Age
All Ages

This 10-day lodge-based safari offers an immersive journey from the vibrant Tarangire National Park, through the stunning Ngorongoro Crater and the expansive Serengeti, to the captivating Masai Mara Game Reserve. With guaranteed window seats and professional, English-speaking guides, this safari ensures intimate wildlife encounters and luxurious lodge stays, promising an unforgettable adventure across Tanzania and Kenya.

Itinerary in Brief

  • 1 Night Lake Burunge Tented Lodge (Tarangire Area)
  • 1 Night at one of the TWC Adventure Lodges (Karatu)
  • 2 Nights Kati Kati Tented Camp (Serengeti National Park)
  • 1 Night Speke Bay Lodge (Lake Victoria)
  • 2 Nights Mara West Camp (Masai Mara Area)
  • 2 Nights Mara Legends Camp (Masai Mara Game Reserve)
  • back to Nairobi

This exclusive 10-day Tanzania & Kenya Highlights Safari blends thrilling landscapes, diverse wildlife, and cultural encounters. Begin your journey at the serene Lake Burunge Tented Lodge, traverse through the wildlife-rich Tarangire National Park, the birdwatcher’s paradise of Lake Manyara, and the majestic Ngorongoro Crater. Continue to the iconic Serengeti and explore Lake Victoria before heading to the Masai Mara, staying at luxury lodges like Kati Kati Tented Camp, Speke Bay Lodge, Mara West Camp, and Mara Legends Camp. This safari takes you to the heart of East Africa’s natural wonders, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


  • Witness large elephant herds and diverse wildlife in Tarangire National Park.
  • Enjoy birdwatching and spot primates and large mammals at Lake Manyara National Park.
  • Explore the Ngorongoro Crater, home to the Big Five and the endangered black rhino.
  • Experience the Serengeti’s Great Migration and predator sightings.
  • Discover the local culture and life around Lake Victoria.
  • Spot lions, leopards, and cheetahs in the Masai Mara Game Reserve.
  • Stay in unique lodges and tented camps offering comfort and stunning views.

map and overview

  • 10-day safari across Tanzania’s and Kenya’s renowned national parks.
  • Begins with a visit to Tarangire National Park, known for its elephant population and baobab trees.
  • Includes a stay at Lake Manyara National Park, famous for its birdlife and primates.
  • Two nights in the Serengeti to witness the Great Migration and predator activity.
  • Cultural experience with local fishermen at Lake Victoria.
  • Extensive game drives in the Masai Mara Game Reserve.
  • Accommodations in comfortable lodges and tented camps throughout the safari.
  • Concludes with a reflective day in Nairobi to absorb the safari experience.

start dates

30 June 2024 - 9 July 2024
14 July 2024 - 23 July 2024
28 July 2024 - 6 August 2024
11 August 2024 - 20 August 2024
25 August 2024 - 3 September 2024
8 September 2024 - 17 September 2024
22 September 2024 - 1 October 2024
6 October 2024 - 15 October 2024
15 December 2024 - 24 December 2024
12 January 2025 - 21 January 2025
26 January 2025 - 4 February 2025
9 February 2025 - 18 February 2025
23 February 2025 - 4 March 2025
9 March 2025 - 18 March 2025
4 May 2025 - 13 May 2025
18 May 2025 - 27 May 2025
1 June 2025 - 10 June 2025
15 June 2025 - 24 June 2024
29 June 2025 - 8 July 2025
13 July 2025 - 22 July 2025
27 July 2025 - 5 August 2025
10 August 2025 - 19 August 2025
24 August 2025 - 2 September 2025
7 September 2025 - 16 September 2025
21 September 2025 - 30 September 2025
5 October 2025 - 14 October 2025
14 December 2025 - 23 December 2025

detailed itinerary

Day 1 | Arusha – Tarangire National Park

Distance approx. 150 km; driving time approx. 2-3 hours

After a short briefing in the morning, your safari will set off towards the Tarangire National Park. This park with its savannah, seasonal swamps and the life-giving Tarangire River is home to huge elephant herds – literally hundreds of animals. Animals gather at the river and besides elephants you should see mongoose, giraffes, bushbucks, hartebeests, dik-diks, waterbucks, warthogs and reedbucks all year round. After an extensive game drive, you will leave the park in the late afternoon and head to the Lake Burunge Tented Lodge, where you will spend the night.

Lunch | Dinner 

Day 2 | Tarangire Area – Lake Manyara National Park – Karatu

Distance approx. 120 km; driving time approx. 2 hours


You will enjoy breakfast before you leave the Tarangire Area to continue your journey to the Lake Manyara National Park. The park with its shallow alkaline lake is known for its over 400 bird species, primate-filled forests and grassy plains. Apart from elephants, you might also spot giraffes, hippos, wildebeests and impalas while the forests near the lake are teeming with noisy groups of monkeys. After an extensive game drive, you will travel to Karatu in the Ngorongoro highlands. After your arrival, there might be time for an optional walk in the coffee plantations. You will spend the night at one of the three beautifully located Tanganyika Wilderness Adventure Lodges.

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 3 | Karatu – Ngorongoro Crater – Serengeti National Park

Distance approx. 170 km; driving time approx. 4-6 hours


You will have breakfast at dawn before the 4×4 safari vehicle takes you to the crater rim from where you descend into the crater on an adventurous and steep trail. Down here in the crater you have the possibility of seeing all the animals that can be found in the East African savannah including the Big Five – lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard. The Ngorongoro Crater is also one of the best places to see the magnificent but almost extinct black rhino. After an extensive game drive, you will exit the crater in the early afternoon. The journey then continues to the plains of the Serengeti National Park – the most famous park in Tanzania and where the biggest animal migration in the world takes place. Hundred thousands of wildebeests and zebras cross the border from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara in Kenya in search of fresh grass and water, with hungry predators following close behind. You will spend the night at the Kati Kati Tented Camp in the central Serengeti.

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 4 | Serengeti National Park

Rise and shine! Up at the crack of dawn, you will be able to see the sunrise over the Serengeti before you join an early morning game drive. Upon your return to the camp, a hearty breakfast awaits. Adventurous guests may choose to experience the Serengeti from the sky and join a hot-air balloon ride followed by a champagne breakfast in the bush. This activity is not included in the tour price and needs to be booked in advance. Guests interested in visiting the visitor centre, are also able to do so. In the afternoon you will enjoy another game drive before returning to the Kati Kati Tented Camp for dinner and overnight.

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 5 | Serengeti National Park – Lake Victoria

Distance approx. 180 km; driving time approx. 4-5 hours


After an early start, you will travel through the Serengeti National Park and on your way out of the park you might spot animals you haven’t seen yet. After leaving the park, the safari continues to Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and the second largest in the world. The area around Lake Victoria is the most fertile and densely populated region in Tanzania. Here at Lake Victoria, you will have the chance to see another side of Tanzania. Away from the tourists and the masses, you will experience the lives of the local people. You can take a walk along the lake shore and watch fishermen at work – an experience unavailable on the usual tourist routes. The night will be spent at the Speke Bay Lodge.

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 6 | Lake Victoria – Masai Mara Area

Distance approx. 270 km; driving time approx. 8-9 hours


After breakfast you will join the local fishermen and a guide on a canoe trip on Lake Victoria. You will see how the locals catch fish and admire the previous night’s catch. After your fishing excursion you will set off on the longest journey of your safari – the trip to the Masai Mara. The road towards the Kenyan border is a long an adventurous one, but it should be worth it as the Mara is reputed to have the highest lion population of all reserves in Africa. Other large cats like leopards and cheetahs also live here and can be spotted all year round, as their sightings are not dependent upon the seasons or the migration. You will overnight in luxury tents at the Mara West Camp on the outskirts of the Masai Mara Game Reserve.

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 7 | Masai Mara Game Reserve


You can look forward to a day dedicated to safari and game viewing. On extensive game drives in your 4×4 safari vehicle you will explore the Mara Triangle, located in the north-western part of the Masai Mara. Far stretching grassland plains, dotted by acacia forests, dominate the landscape. You will take a trip to the Mara River, the greatest hurdle for the wildebeests and zebras on their yearly trek. At the end of October and the beginning of November, an incredible scene is set when the river swells to almost bursting levels and tens of thousands of animals prepare to cross it, knowing that possible death awaits them – as crocodiles are hiding just below the water’s surface. It can be a gruesome sight. At other times of the year, hippos, hungry crocodiles and other animals can also be seen near the river. In the late afternoon, as the shadows start to grow longer, you return to your accommodation and spend another night at the Mara West Camp.

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 8 – 9 | Masai Mara Game Reserve

The following two days will be spent on game drives in the Masai Mara Game Reserve.  Together with your guide you can search for the Big Five. You are in no rush, so you have enough time to enjoy all the wonderful moments which can make your safari a magical experience. The Mara is home to many other interesting animals too, such as Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles, elands and Coke’s hartebeests. Not often seen outside Kenya are the Masai giraffe, roan antelope and the nocturnal bat-eared fox. The reserve also has over 470 bird species including about 60 raptor species. You will spend two nights at the Mara Legends Camp inside the Masai Mara Game Reserve.

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

Day 10 | Masai Mara Game Reserve – Nairobi

Distance approx. 270 km; driving time approx. 6-7 hours

After breakfast you will leave the bush for Nairobi, Kenya’s bustling and often chaotic capital. You will arrive in the late afternoon and depending on the rest of your travel plans, you will be taken to your hotel in the city centre or directly to the airport.

Breakfast | Lunch


All Prices in USD: 

Tour StartTour EndLanguage Double  Single 
14.01.202423.01.2024English 5’170.00 5’910.00
28.01.202406.02.2024English 5’070.00 5’750.00
11.02.202420.02.2024English 5’070.00 5’750.00
25.02.202405.03.2024English 5’070.00 5’750.00
10.03.202419.03.2024English 5’070.00 5’750.00
05.05.202414.05.2024English 4’830.00 5’320.00
19.05.202428.05.2024English 4’830.00 5’320.00
02.06.202411.06.2024English 5’070.00 5’750.00
16.06.202425.06.2024English 5’070.00 5’750.00
30.06.202409.07.2024English 5’750.00 6’750.00
14.07.202423.07.2024English 5’750.00 6’750.00
28.07.202406.08.2024English 5’750.00 6’750.00
11.08.202420.08.2024English 5’750.00 6’750.00
25.08.202403.09.2024English 5’750.00 6’750.00
08.09.202417.09.2024English 5’750.00 6’750.00
22.09.202401.10.2024English 5’750.00 6’750.00
06.10.202415.10.2024English 5’750.00 6’750.00
15.12.202424.12.2024English 5’750.00 6’750.00
12.01.202521.01.2025English 5’690.00 6’500.00
26.01.202504.02.2025English 5’580.00 6’330.00
09.02.202518.02.2025English 5’580.00 6’330.00
23.02.202504.03.2025English 5’580.00 6’330.00
09.03.202518.03.2025English 5’580.00 6’330.00
04.05.202513.05.2025English 5’320.00 5’860.00
18.05.202527.05.2025English 5’320.00 5’860.00
01.06.202510.06.2025English 5’580.00 6’330.00
15.06.202524.06.2025English 5’580.00 6’330.00
29.06.202508.07.2025English 6’330.00 7’430.00
13.07.202522.07.2025English 6’330.00 7’430.00
27.07.202505.08.2025English 6’330.00 7’430.00
10.08.202519.08.2025English 6’330.00 7’430.00
24.08.202502.09.2025English 6’330.00 7’430.00
07.09.202516.09.2025English 6’330.00 7’430.00
21.09.202530.09.2025English 6’330.00 7’430.00
05.10.202514.10.2025English 6’330.00 7’430.00
14.12.202523.12.2025English 6’330.00 7’430.00


additional information

Included: transport in a 4×4 safari vehicle | professional, German-speaking guide | 7 nights’ stay in lodges and tented camps (depending on availability, accommodation of a similar standard will be booked) | meals according to the itinerary | drinking water | activities and transfers as per itinerary | all national park fees | medical evacuation insurance with Okavango Air Rescue to Maun

Excluded: flights (international and domestic) | meals not indicated in the itinerary | alcoholic and soft drinks | optional activities | tips | personal expenses | visa fees | travel insurance


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