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"Guide training equips and sets you up for a lifetime in conservation"

Embark on a new chapter in life or deepen your knowledge of nature, with safari guide courses in Africa.

At SAFARI FRANK, we offer a diverse range of safari training courses in collaboration with our partners.

Whether you’re preparing for a professional role in the safari industry or seeking personal enrichment, we have the perfect course for everyone.

From fundamental training to specialist courses in birding and beyond,  we are sure you will find the right fit for you!

Find the right safari guide course for you:

Professional 365 Nights South Africa
Price 21,081 USD

"The full program for those who seriously want to pursue a career in the safari industry"

Professional 55 Nights South Africa
Price 6,884 USD

"The basis to become a field guide"

Professional 55 Nights Kenya
Price 10,770 USD

“55-days of theoretical and practical training with highly qualified instructors in the Mara”

Professional 28 Nights Botswana
Price 8,716 USD

"Learn how to become a Field Guide in Botswana's Okavango Delta"

Professional 28 Nights South Africa
Price 3,911 USD

"Bush walks in big game country"

Professional 28 Nights Botswana
Price 8,716 USD

"Learn how to conduct walking safaris as a guide in the Okavango Delta"

Short Course 28 Nights Kenya
Price 9,490 USD

"Get to know the life of a safari guide in Kenya"

Short Course 28 Nights Botswana
Price 4,543 USD

"Combination of field guide training and bush holiday"

Short Course 7 Nights South Africa
Price 1,490 USD

"An in-depth bush learning experience in 7 days"

Short Course 14 Nights South Africa
Price 2,527 USD

"An in-depth bush learning experience in 14 days"

Short Course 7 Nights Kenya
Price 2,385 USD

"An in-depth bush learning experience in Kenya - 7 or 14 nights"

Specialist Course 7 Nights South Africa
Price 1,212 USD

"Learn the art of tracking - an indigenous wilderness skill"

Specialist Course 7 Nights South Africa
Price 1,223 USD

"For all the serious birders"

Specialist Course 6 Nights South Africa
Price 677 USD

"A real bush adventure"

Specialist Course 7 Nights South Africa
Price 1,512 USD

"Learn how to take the perfect safari shot"

Short Course 7 Nights Botswana
Price 2,579 USD

"Spend 7 days in the wilderness of Botswana learning all you need to know about the ancient skills of tracking."

Short Course 7 Nights Botswana
Price 2,579 USD

„This course offers an unparalleled time on foot in the real wilderness of the Okavango Delta.”

Basic Safari Training Courses – The Gateway to African Wilderness

Embark on a journey of discovery and adventure with our Safari Training Courses, designed as your first step into the African wilderness.

Ideal for newcomers and nature enthusiasts, these courses blend practical skills with an immersive experience in some of the world’s most breathtaking natural landscapes. They are the perfect springboard to understanding and appreciating nature’s intricate beauty.

Delve into the fundamentals of wildlife tracking, safety in the bush, and essential skills for thriving in the wild. Below, we explore our foundational safari training programs in more detail.

  • EcoQuest – 7 days

A compact and intensive course, the EcoQuest 7-day program offers an immersive introduction to the African wilderness, ideal for beginners looking for an authentic taste of the safari experience. Perfect for those with limited time but unlimited curiosity.

  • EcoQuest – 14 days

The EcoQuest 14-day program delves deeper into safari training, providing a more comprehensive introduction to the wonders of African wildlife and ecosystems. This extended experience allows for a richer understanding of nature’s complexities.

  • EcoQuest in Kenya

EcoQuest in Kenya is specifically tailored for those interested in Kenya’s unique wildlife and ecosystems. It offers a specialised insight into one of Africa’s most renowned safari destinations. Embrace the opportunity to learn amidst Kenya’s diverse landscapes and wildlife.

  • Nature Guide – Okavango Delta

Set against the iconic backdrop of the Okavango Delta, the nature guide course covers essential skills such as wildlife tracking and bush survival techniques, providing a fundamental understanding of nature guiding – a perfect start for aspiring guides.

Professional Safari Guide Training – Beyond the Basics 

Go beyond the basics to elevate your guiding skills to a professional level. These advanced courses are designed for those serious about building a career in the safari industry.

These programs focus on in-depth wildlife knowledge, conservation ethics, and superior guest-relation skills. They are tailored to transform you into a proficient and knowledgeable guide equipped to handle the challenges and rewards of the African wilderness.

From specialised wildlife knowledge to advanced tracking skills, these courses are designed for those committed to guiding their profession.

  • Professional Field Guide Training

Dive into our detailed and extensive Professional Field Guide Training, aimed at those aspiring to a professional career in guiding. This program covers all aspects, from wildlife biology to guest relations.

  • 55 Day Field Guide Course

The 55-Day Field Guide Course provides an in-depth and comprehensive guide training experience, perfect for aspiring professionals. This extensive course covers various topics to ensure a deep understanding of the safari environment.

  • Kenyan Field Guide Course

Specialising in the unique ecosystems of Kenya, the Kenyan Field Guide Course offers training tailored to guiding Kenya’s diverse safari landscapes, ensuring guides are well-versed in the region’s specific wildlife and environmental challenges.

  • Safari Guide Kenya

For those specialising in Kenya’s distinctive safari environment, our Safari Guide Kenya course offers comprehensive training tailored to Kenya’s unique safari settings, equipping guides with the knowledge and skills needed to guide in this region.

  • Trails Guide – in the Okavango Delta

Focusing on the unique challenges of the Okavango Delta, the Trails Guide course offers advanced training that is ideal for those looking to specialise in this iconic African wilderness.

  • Apprentice Trails Guide Course

Prepare for a career in the safari industry with our Apprentice Trails Guide Course. The course will equip participants with the skills needed for a professional guiding role, focusing on practical, in-field experience.

  • Track and Sign Course

The Track and Sign Course provides comprehensive training in tracking skills, an indispensable part of wildlife observation and safari guiding and essential for any professional guide.

Tracking skills 3

Specialized Safari Courses – Sharpen Your Expertise 

These courses are designed for those who want to focus on specific areas of the safari industry, such as tracking, birding, or photography.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your guiding skills, develop a new hobby, or immerse yourself in a specific aspect of the African wilderness, these specialised safari courses offer the perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge and expertise.

Join us to explore your passion in the heart of Africa’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Short Safari Courses

Short safari courses provide quick, comprehensive training in specific safari skills for those with a tighter schedule but a strong desire to learn.

  • EcoTracker: Ideal for those passionate about tracking, the EcoTracker course offers a concise yet in-depth look into the art of tracking, teaching you the skills needed to read the African bush like a book.
  • Wilderness Trails: Focus on navigating and surviving in the wilderness with the Wilderness Trails course. This course is perfect for those looking to gain practical skills in trail walking and wilderness survival.

Specialist Safari Courses

For enthusiasts seeking to delve into niche areas, specialist safari courses cater to specific interests like birding, wildlife photography, and more.

  • Birding in the Bush: Avid bird watchers will find birding in the Bush course exceptionally rewarding. This specialist course is dedicated to studying and observing Africa’s diverse bird species, providing an immersive birding experience.
  • Wilderness Photography Course: Capture the essence of the African wilderness with the Wilderness Photography Course. This course is tailored for aspiring and experienced photographers who want to learn how to take stunning wildlife and landscape photographs.
  • Wilderness Trails Course – Okavango Delta: Specialising in the unique environment of the Okavango Delta, the Wilderness Trails Course provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills for navigating and appreciating this unique ecosystem.

Why Should You Invest In Safari Training?

A safari training course is a financial commitment and investment in your future. Understanding the cost and value of these courses is crucial in making an informed decision.

Our training programs offer transparent pricing, comprehensive inclusions, and flexible payment options, ensuring every aspirant receives maximum value from their investment.

Safari Guide Pricing 

It is vital to gain clarity on the financial aspects of safari training. We strive to provide detailed information about course fees, what’s included in the cost, and available payment plans. We believe in transparency and ensure that every prospective guide understands the financial commitment.

Value Beyond Cost 

Investing in quality safari training extends beyond mere costs. These courses enrich your personal and professional development, equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for a successful career in the dynamic safari industry.

All programs are designed to offer holistic growth, ensuring that each trainee emerges as a competent, knowledgeable, and industry-ready safari professional.

Why Choose Our Safari Training? 

By choosing a safari training program, you’re not just learning about the African wilderness but preparing to become a part of it. Join us to turn your passion for wildlife and nature into a fulfilling career in one of the world’s most exciting and rewarding industries.

Let’s explore some of the 4 main advantages of the training programs  we work with below:

  • Experienced Instructors: Learn from the best in the field. Every course is led by seasoned instructors with extensive field experience, ensuring you receive top-notch education and insights.
  • Diverse Learning Environments: We offer courses in varied environments, from the Okavango Delta to the plains of Kenya, providing a broad understanding of different African ecosystems.
  • Strong Industry Connections: Our strong ties with the safari industry mean we are well-positioned to offer advice, support, and opportunities for career advancement.
  • Testimonials: Hear from our past participants about their journey. Their testimonials highlight the transformative experience of our courses and their successful integration into the safari world.

Get Started on Your Safari Journey 

Ready to embark on your safari training journey? We’re here to guide you through every step of the enrollment process. Our courses are designed to turn your passion for wildlife and nature into a fulfilling career in one of the most rewarding industries.

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“My decision for making the Field Guide Level 1 course was very spontanous and I booked it only a few weeks before it started, but SAFARI FRANK provided me with everything I needed. Thank you guys so much for paving my way to my chance to become a Field Guide!! I will come back to you, when it comes to book my Trails Guide course 🙂 It was one of the best adventures of my life!!!!”

Corinna Sonnberger – Vienna, Austria


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