Group of Friends

"Travel Africa with friends as a private group"

Traveling with friends means shared experience, and built-in company. That first cup of coffee before a predawn game drive is a shared feeling of anticipation in the air.

Perhaps this is the first ever African adventure you’ve been able to embark on? The BIG 5 are a must, but could I take my coffee to go and view a hippo on land? Doing away with the frills of the larger lodges, we guarantee to get you into the ‘thick of things’. The more you feel at home in the bush, the better your experience will be.

The gang of friends being present turns every moment into an adventure. Share laughter, sundowners and spectacular sightings together on your safari of a lifetime. Who’s really going to believe you saw those wild dogs make that kill if you don’t have your witnesses to back you up? They ran right past the game drive vehicle! I could have reached out and touched one! Did you know there are less than 7000 wild dogs left?

With your besties on board you always have someone to push you out of your comfort zone. Climb that outcrop or mountain, get on that mountain bike, go snorkelling at that reef!

With co-ordinating schedules, booking time off work, perhaps even organising childcare, getting the gang together can be a challenge. Then there are the specific dietary restrictions, the need for more or less comfort, and that must do item on the top of everyone’s individual safari bucket list. It can all seem a bit daunting! At SAFARI FRANK we are here to help. We know what it takes to make a group trip a success, and when it comes to working out the travel logistics, we’ve got you covered. Someone wants beach, while someone else wants jungle? We are in the business of making dreams come true, and we specialise in meeting everyone’s expectations for the trip. There is always the option to do some activities together, splinter off, and then regroup again. Not every activity is fancied by everyone. As long as all participants are clear on what they want upfront, plans can be spun, schedules can be tweaked, and bookings can be made. What you need most is a sense of flexibility, fun, and a sense of humour.

Small Group Tailor Made

Small group tailor made journeys have the advantage of a set itinerary, but it is a private safari curated just for your group. There are less details to worry about for the day to day. Largely your travel is mapped out and carefree.

That said we are here to accommodate everyone’s individual needs and being mindful of food intolerances, disabilities, comfort levels or medical issues play an important role when we plan your group journey.

Now’s the time to plan that group skype chat, come to us ready to tell us who wants what… from the basics of how many of you are traveling to what room set ups you’d like? Are you sharing rooms, or does anyone want their very own? The time of year you pick is important too, as Africa is ruled by the seasons and if it’s a big event like the great migration you’re after then you need to let the rainfall guide you. The destination country and the type of experience also needs to be considered. Is the gang up for a road trip and camping adventure with some nice camps thrown in or do want to fly and stay in some hidden-gem safari camps, either way SAFARI FRANK can help!

If you all agree on essentials that’s a good start, what are the ‘must have’s’ on your list. If we know those, we can work to put the ‘nice to have’s’ in place around them.

Tour leaders and guides make group travel a breeze. You won’t have to worry about any logistics. The perks of group travel is you’ll get to expand your friend group even more! If you’d like to stick to just the gang, then you can go it alone or opt for a privately guided tour.

You know your friends and the pace you all have in mind. Is this a sleep late and soak it all in kind of vacation, or do you want to pack it all in?

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Small Group Safari Trip Ideas

Self drive 36 Nights
Budget level: Affordable
Mobile Safari 9 Nights
Budget level: Budget
Lodge 10 Nights
Budget level: High-End
Lodge and Canvas 13 Nights
Budget level: High-End
Lodge 11 Nights
Budget level: Mid-Range
Climbing & Trekking 9 Nights
Budget level: High-End
Mobile Safari 14 Nights
Budget level: Affordable


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Privately Guided

An exclusive safari where you travel with the same private guide for the whole trip has many benefits. The guide gets to know each of you personally and really becomes a friend making the safari experience that much more personal. The guide will know what you have experienced so far and what you still want to do for the rest of the trip, ensuring for a far more meaningful journey. You can also choose one of the best expert guides in Africa and if you combine that with exclusive use camps, and even chartered flights, you have the ultimate experience! With an exclusive safari your dream is yours for the taking. And it doesn’t have to be as pricey as it sounds, because you have shared rates on your side.

Better yet, have our very own Frank plan your trip and then privately guide your safari. This provides a far more in-depth and enriched safari experience, as you spend an extended amount of time with your safari planner and guide Frank, learning from him about different areas, habitats and species along the way on the safari he planned specifically for you. It also brings with it a far-reaching sense of continuity and peace of mind knowing that he is there to take care of your group – from the moment you first contact us, all the way through to the last leg of the journey home.


Private Lodges or Houses

For groups wanting to have the ultimate in exclusivity and privacy there are some camps that can be booked out exclusively just for your group, or even better consider a private house or villa just for you! These often come with a private vehicle, private chef and waiters, and even a private swimming pool to relax in during the day.

Choosing between a private lodge or a shared space you and your friends can call home on your travels, depends on your need for amenities and privacy. Lodges are able to offer you full service and luxury, while houses you can make feel like your own ‘home away from home’ in the African bush. Traveling in a group without young children can mean a lot more flexibility in terms of where you can stay.

Whatever you choose to do – this will be a trip to be remembered!


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Elaine Stead

Nothing short of life changing. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

“My travel with the Steenhuisen’s to South Africa was nothing short of life changing. Not only was South Africa magnificently beautiful in a way I just could not have appreciated before I had actually experienced it, but the authentic, ‘real South Africa’ experience that only a native South African who genuinely loves their country, made all the difference. I’d go back in a heartbeat.”

Elaine Stead – Brisbane, Australia

Andreas Caviezel

An incredible journey back to nature with Gesa and Frank

We travel a lot in Africa, but never had such a perfect organisation before, and during the holidays! We experienced an incredible journey back to nature with Gesa and Frank. Every day you experience something new In Africa, beautiful, big, but also quiet and small that you don’t want to miss afterwards. So perfectly organized, combined with cordiality and expertise, you become addicted to it. We have already booked the next trip for 2019 with Gesa and Frank and safariFrank 🙂 .

Julian Waters

Safari Frank were flexible and…

Safari Frank were flexible and accommodating for all the changes & additions made by members of the Group. The trip went smoothly with all aspects working exactly as advised. The local experience of the Safari Frank team were evident in that we had a very special trip, with many experiences less experienced or informed travelers would not have had, and all the providers and accommodation were great.


A group of 6 to 8 friends travelling together have access to a plethora of private safari camps and experiences at their finger tips. But few experiences are better than a private mobile safari in Botswana or private bushcamp experience in Zambia!

We specialise in putting together Private Group Safaris!

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