Berlin Office Opening!

16 August 2017

On Wednesday the 9th of August, after a month of planning and web-design, we had our opening  night for the Berlin office! The event was in celebration of the release of our German Website as well as our exiting tours for 2018.

To celebrate such a momentous occasion we went full out, supplying plenty of delicious free food, 150 bottles of free white wine from South Africa, free beer on tap, plenty of prizes and give aways as well as a book reading from Gesa’s book!

The venue for the event was in WeWork, a shared office work space that we currently have our office in, and this worked amazingly as we all got to experience a sundowner drink which as you all know is true safari tradition!

Berlin Office Opening Gesa speaking

We started the evening off with an introduction from Gesa in German, followed by some background from Johan about the roots and core fundamentals that make us who we are.
One of our key points is that – we don’t send people somewhere that we haven’t already been too ourselves. So in order to show this and provide some visualisation of Africa we played some of our best and some of our newest videos, showcasing the beauty of Africa.

We then had an intimate book reading with Gesa from her best selling book “Breakfast with Elephants” (English name). Which turned out to be quite an emotional event as many of the characters from the book were in the room – as well as many proud family members and close friends.
Then to shared the love back to all who came we handed out some prizes! Everyone was given a number as they arrived and we then randomly selected the winners by shuffling the numbers around.

The first round of prizes was 6 bottle of Amarula, which was kindly supplied to us by Amarula to give out to the lucky ones. Winners got to take home a Large bottle of “Africa”!

The next round consisted of 5 of Gesa’s books, brand new to be signed and kept somewhere as a memory of the evening or as a great gift to friends or family.
The third and final roundwas the big one! Discounts and free trips! A huge thanks to our friends we work with over in Southern Africa for your generous prizes, they certainly put smiles on peoples faces and made their dreams of visiting Africa become closer to a reality.

We had:

  • 2 free seats in an Ashton’s transfer vehicle
  • 10% discount with Lowveld Trails Co on a walking safari
  • 2 Nights free for 2 people at Bayete Guest house in Victoria falls
  • 5 EURO200 discount vouchers from us at SAFARIFRANK
  • And a free mobile safari for 2 people in Botswana with Okavango Expeditions!

Congratulations to the winners! We hope to see you all out there sharing the wilderness with us and friends!

Also a big thanks to everyone who came to the event, it was a pleasure meeting all of you and hearing your stories of previous trips and future ones!


Berlin Office Opening Guests

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