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12-Night Safari Zambia’s Natural Splendor

"Discover the unspoiled beauty of Zambia in a 12-night journey, combining exhilarating wildlife encounters with serene natural landscapes."
Budget level: High-End
When to Go
12 Nights
Kafue National Park, Livingstone, Lower Zambezi, Luangwa Valley, Victoria Falls
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Venture into the untamed heart of Africa with a 12-night odyssey that traverses Zambia’s most iconic and diverse destinations. Immerse yourself in the raw beauty and thrilling wilderness of South Luangwa, known for its exceptional game viewing and renowned walking safaris. Navigate the waterways of the Lower Zambezi, where aquatic adventures await, from serene canoe trips to adrenaline-fueled tiger fishing expeditions. Roam the grand landscapes of Kafue National Park, the country’s largest national park, offering a tapestry of wildlife and breathtaking scenery. Conclude your journey at the iconic Victoria Falls in Livingstone, a natural spectacle of thunderous power and misty rainbows. This adventure is crafted to provide a symphony of experiences, combining Zambia’s finest offerings. Reside in bespoke, owner-managed camps that promise comfort in the wilderness, exceptional wildlife encounters, and heartfelt interactions with the natural world.

Itinerary in Brief

3 Nights at Kaingo Camp, South Luangwa National Park

3 Nights at Kutali Camp, Lower Zambezi National Park

3 Nights at Musekese Camp, Kafue National Park

3 Nights at Chundukwa River Lodge, Livingstone

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Embark on a captivating 12-night Zambian Escape, a meticulously crafted journey that offers a harmonious blend of adrenaline-pumping wilderness safaris and serene retreats in nature’s lap. This expedition is not just a trip; it’s an immersive narrative that unfolds across the diverse and breathtaking landscapes of Zambia, a country celebrated for its untamed wilderness, rich cultural heritage, and stunning natural beauty.

Your adventure begins at the iconic Kaingo Camp, nestled in the heart of South Luangwa National Park. South Luangwa, often hailed as the birthplace of walking safaris, is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike. It’s a region where the untamed world of Africa can be experienced in its purest form. The park is renowned for its dense concentrations of game, including elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion, giraffe, hippo, and over 400 species of birds. Kaingo Camp, with its strategic location along the Luangwa River, offers unparalleled opportunities to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Here, you can indulge in game drives led by seasoned guides, or partake in walking safaris that offer an up-close and personal encounter with the African wilderness. The camp itself exudes a rustic charm, with spacious and elegantly designed chalets that provide a luxurious haven amidst the wild.


As you journey onward, the tranquil Kutali Camp in the Lower Zambezi awaits you. This remote haven is an idyllic spot for those seeking both adventure and relaxation. Lower Zambezi National Park, known for its striking landscape and diverse wildlife, is also a hub for thrilling river-based activities. Here, you can glide through the calm waters of the Zambezi River on a canoe safari, getting a unique perspective of the wildlife that frequents the riverbanks. Tiger fishing, a popular activity in the region, offers an exhilarating challenge for anglers of all skill levels. The experience of camping under the African sky, with the sounds of the wilderness as your lullaby, is both humbling and invigorating.


Next on your itinerary is the expansive Kafue National Park, the largest national park in Zambia and one of the largest in the world. The park’s vast landscape encompasses a variety of ecosystems, from dense forests to vast plains and wetlands. Musekese Camp, your accommodation in Kafue, stands as a testament to the untouched beauty of the area. The camp offers an intimate and authentic safari experience, with activities like day and night game drives, walking safaris, and boat-based safaris. This region is particularly famous for its spectacular birding opportunities and the chance to see rare and endemic wildlife species. The quietness of Kafue, coupled with the exclusivity of Musekese Camp, allows for a truly immersive and personal connection with nature.


Your journey culminates at the Chundukwa River Lodge, situated near the legendary Victoria Falls in Livingstone. Often described as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls presents a spectacle of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur. The lodge, set on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, is perfectly positioned to offer easy access to the falls while providing a peaceful retreat away from the crowds. Here, you can indulge in various activities, including a visit to the falls, a sunset cruise on the Zambezi, or simply relax and soak in the panoramic river views. The lodge’s unique location combines the tranquility of a riverside retreat with the excitement of exploring one of the world’s most famous waterfalls.

Throughout your 12-night escapade, you will not only witness Zambia’s spectacular wildlife and landscapes but also engage with its rich cultural heritage. The journey promises a blend of exhilarating experiences and moments of peaceful introspection, offering a deeper understanding and appreciation of this magnificent country. From the untamed beauty of South Luangwa to the tranquil waters of the Lower Zambezi, from the vast wilderness of Kafue to the majestic Victoria Falls, this itinerary is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive and unforgettable experience of Zambia’s natural splendor.

Detailed itinerary

Days 1-3: Kaingo Camp, South Luangwa National Park

Begin your exploration of Zambia with a journey to Mfuwe, gateway to the wildlife sanctuary of South Luangwa National Park. Upon arrival, a short drive will bring you to Kaingo Camp, where you will spend the next three nights. This haven is perched on the banks of the Luangwa River, a prime location for observing the ebb and flow of wildlife. Here, you are not just a spectator but a participant in the rhythm of the African bush. The camp specializes in providing immersive safari experiences, including expert-led game drives that take you into the heart of the animal kingdom and guided walking safaris that allow you to tread softly on the paths of the wild. Your stay is complemented by the camp’s sumptuous accommodations, where each chalet is designed to maximize the splendor of the surrounding wilderness, offering expansive views of the delta and the vibrant life that thrives within it.

Days 4-6: Kutali Camp, Lower Zambezi National Park

As you venture forth to the enchanting realm of the Lower Zambezi, Kutali Camp awaits to provide a sanctuary amidst the wild. Positioned in the eastern reaches of the Lower Zambezi National Park, this camp is a treasure trove for enthusiasts of aquatic adventures and anglers alike. The region is a mosaic of waterways, where the Zambezi River itself becomes your pathway to discovery. Canoeing here is not just an activity; it is a silent passage into the intimate quarters of wildlife. Tiger fishing offers a thrill like no other, challenging you to engage with the river’s spirited inhabitants. By night, the campfire beckons, and you’re invited to partake in nocturnal game drives and boat excursions that reveal the hidden dramas of the African night. The luxury tents provide a comfortable retreat after days filled with exploration, where the sounds of the wild become a lullaby under the canvas of stars.

Days 7-9: Musekese Camp, Kafue National Park

Your adventure continues as you soar to the expansive landscapes of Kafue National Park, a stronghold of diversity in the Zambian safari circuit. Musekese Camp, nestled in the park’s flourishing heart, stands as a beacon of conservation and intimate wildlife encounters. It is here that you will witness the untamed beauty of Kafue, from its sprawling savannahs to its dense forests. Your days will be rich with activity; morning safaris present the splendor of the awakening bush, and as dusk falls, the nocturnal creatures emerge under the cover of darkness. The camp’s strategic location near the Lufupa River ensures that the wildlife spectacle is continuous. Boat-based safaris offer a serene vantage point to watch the dramas of nature unfold, and guided walks provide a tactile connection to the land. Musekese is more than just a camp; it’s a testament to the coexistence of humans and nature, offering a sanctuary where the spirit of the wild is preserved and cherished.

Days 10-12: Chundukwa River Lodge, Livingstone

As your journey draws to a close, the Chundukwa River Lodge invites you to a luxurious respite near the storied Victoria Falls. This exclusive lodge is the epitome of tranquility, a place where the whispers of the Zambezi River complement the distant roar of the falls. Here, each day is an invitation to experience the magnificence of ‘The Smoke That Thunders’ – Victoria Falls. Indulge in a Zambezi sunset cruise, where the water reflects the fiery hues of dusk, or venture into the vibrant town of Livingstone, rich with history and culture. The lodge’s riverside chalets offer a serene haven where luxury meets the untamed, and the natural splendor of Zambia is on full display. It’s a fitting finale to an epic journey, a place to reflect on the adventure that has unfolded and the memories that have been etched into your soul.

Day 13: Departure

On the final morning of your Zambian sojourn, you will be transferred back to Livingstone Airport for your journey home.

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