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8-Night Immersive Tanzania: Serengeti to Ruaha

“8 nights of enchanting Tanzanian wilderness, from the untamed Lamai Serengeti to the untouched Ruaha National Park, with the option of walking safari experiences.”
Budget level: High-End
8 Nights
Safari Type
Lodge and Canvas
Northern Tanzania, Southern Tanzania
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Immerse yourself in the Tanzania wilderness with this 8-night, lodge-based safari starting with the mobile Serian Lamai camp in the heart of the Lamai Serengeti, optimally located to experience the awe-inspiring spectacle of wildebeest river crossings. The journey continues at Ikuka Safari Camp in Ruaha National Park, offering a serene retreat perched high on an escarpment, boasting breathtaking views over the national park. Enjoy close encounters with the Big Five, engage in optional walking safaris, and let the magnificent Tanzanian landscapes leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Itinerary in Brief

4 Nights Serian Lamai

4 Nights Ikuka Safari Camp

(Bush-walking extensions possible)

Serian Lamai Tanzania=Great Migration11

Unleash your spirit of adventure on our incredible 8-night Tanzanian Safari, unfolding a rich tapestry of awe-inspiring landscapes, diverse wildlife, and captivating views. Your journey commences at the mobile Serian Lamai camp, nestled in the heart of Lamai Serengeti. This prime location, right opposite a popular crossing point, offers unmatchable opportunities to spectate the famed wildebeest river crossings, as well as to witness the inconceivably enormous herds of wildebeest, topi, and zebra, with predators always lurking nearby. The adventure continues at the Ikuka Safari Camp, standing majestically on the Ikuka escarpment overlooking the Mwagusi river. The camp’s contemporary design, incorporating locally and sustainably sourced materials, offers a comfortable home away from home, while the spacious tents provide unparalleled vistas of Ruaha National Park.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1-4: Serian Lamai

Begin your adventure at Serian Lamai, a secluded mobile camp tucked away in the picturesque regions of the Lamai Serengeti. This camp offers a unique vantage point as it’s situated directly opposite the wildebeest Crossing Point 4, ensuring that guests have front-row seats to one of nature’s most spectacular events – the Great Migration river crossings. As you settle into the serene environment, you’ll soon discover the vast expanse of the rolling savannah, dotted with acacia trees and teeming with wildlife.

The Serengeti is renowned for its abundance of animals, and during your stay, there’s a high likelihood of encountering the Big Five – lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros. However, the beauty of the Serengeti extends beyond these iconic creatures. Witness hyenas in their social groups, graceful giraffes nibbling on tree tops, and a multitude of colorful bird species soaring above.

For those seeking a more intimate connection with nature, Serian Lamai offers optional walking safaris. These safaris, led by experienced guides, provide a closer look at the smaller, often overlooked aspects of the ecosystem, such as insects, plants, and tracks. By night, return to the cozy camp and gather around a roaring campfire, sharing stories of the day’s adventures under a canopy of stars.


Day 5-8: Ikuka Safari Camp

As the sun rises on your fifth day, prepare to journey to the Ikuka Safari Camp nestled in the heart of Ruaha National Park. The transition between the two parks promises new terrains and wildlife sightings. Ikuka Safari Camp, strategically perched atop the Ikuka escarpment, offers panoramic views that stretch out over the winding Mwagusi river and expansive plains.

The camp comprises seven spacious tents, each meticulously designed to merge seamlessly with the natural surroundings. The interiors of the tents reflect a blend of traditional African aesthetics and modern comfort, ensuring guests feel both connected to nature and pampered. Large windows and open terraces in each tent mean you’ll wake up to stunning vistas of Ruaha National Park, a view that’s especially magical at dawn.

Ruaha, Tanzania’s largest national park, is a haven for wildlife. It’s particularly known for its significant populations of elephants and predators, including lion prides and elusive cheetahs. For guests looking to delve deeper into the park’s wonders, walking safaris from the camp are an option. These guided tours provide a unique perspective on the park’s diverse habitats, from riparian zones to undulating hills.

Families or groups traveling together can avail of the family room at the camp. This dedicated space ensures that all members, young and old, have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Evenings at Ikuka are a time for relaxation, often spent watching the sunset paint the sky in hues of orange and pink, before retreating to the warmth of your tent.

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