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Botswana Last Frontier – 11 Night Mobile Safari

“The most comprehensive small group mobile safari exploring northern Botswana”
Price indicator 5,942 USD
When to Go
All Year
11 Nights
Safari Type
Mobile Safari
Northern Botswana, Okavango Delta
Kids Min Age

An 11-night scheduled small-group mobile safari running in both directions between Maun and Kasane, Botswana. This safari spends more time in the most wildlife-rich areas of Botswana, ensuring exceptional wildlife viewing & photographic opportunities.

mobile safari botswana luxury tent outside

A Safari perfect for travellers who want to spend quality time in the prime wildlife viewing areas of northern Botswana. By spending 3 nights per location (for all, but 1 area), this safari ensures outstanding wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities. This is the most comprehensive mobile safari we offer in northern Botswana and is sure to provide an incredible safari experience!

If starting from Maun, once you land at the airport you will be met by staff who will help you connect onto a scenic flight over the Okavango, taking you directly to the Moremi Game Reserve where you will be collected by your guide. Spend 3 nights in Moremi, the heart of the Okavango Delta. The region is home to beautiful landscapes, outstanding birding, large concentrations of plains game and even a chance to see all members of the Big 5, although the rhinos are still very rare. After Moremi you will head into the Khwai Concession for 3 nights, an area that allows for off-road driving and night driving so your opportunity for wildlife viewing is enhanced greatly. The area is also home to a very high concentration of wildlife and a good population of predators including lions, leopards, wild dogs and hyenas. . After Khwai, you’ll head north to another area made famous for its predators, Savuti. Spend 3 nights in Savuti exploring the vast marsh, the rocky outcrops and the waterholes that are frequented by large congregations elephants. You can expect similar wildlife to Khwai but in a totally different setting. After Savuti you will again head north to the Chobe river front. Spending 2 nights here you will be sure to get your elephant fix as thousands of elephants converge to the river during the dry season, along with plenty of other animal species. You’ll also have a 3 hour boat cruise on the river included as part of this safari. On the final day of the safari, you’ll either be taken to Kasane Airport for onward connections, or for those extending to Victoria Falls an alternative transfer will be organized.

It’s important to note that this mobile safari runs between Maun and Kasane, but also from Kasane to Maun – in which case the above itinerary will simply be reversed but remains exactly the same.


Departures from Maun:

  • 3 Nights Moremi Game Reserve
  • 3 Nights Khwai Concession Area
  • 3 Nights Savuti, Chobe National Park
  • 2 Nights Serondela, Chobe National Park

Departures from Kasane:

  • 2 Nights Serondela, Chobe National Park
  • 3 Nights Savuti, Chobe National Park
  • 3 Nights Khwai Concession Area
  • 3 Nights Moremi Game Reserve

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival Maun-Charter flight to Xakanaxa Airstrip

Upon your arrival at Maun Airport with SA Link flight 8200 from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg OR SA Link Flight 8604 if you are coming from Cape Town, staff will help you connect with the charter company that will fly you to Xakanaxa in Moremi Game Reserve. Your Guide will be waiting to pick you up from the Xakanaxa Airstrip upon your arrival there. You will do a leisurely drive towards camp arriving late in the afternoon.

After your arrival, and introduced to the crew in Camp, your guide will give a thorough briefing on safety. It is important that you pay attention to all of the safety briefing, and adhere to these safety precautions at all times while you are on safari. Afterwards, you will be showed the workings of your accommodations.

Activities: Game driving towards Camp.

Accommodations: Moremi Mobile Camp


Day 2: Xakanaxa/Xini, Moremi Game Reserve

After early morning breakfast, you set off on a morning gamedrive exploring the different habitats of Xini/ Xakanaxa areas of Moremi Game Reserve. Moremi is well known for good Wild dog sightings. You will break in the middle of the game drive for a hot cup of coffee before resuming again, ending up in camp late morning. Brunch is usually served some 30 minutes after you get back. Brunch is followed by a few hours of leisure in camp, to catch up with some much needed sleep, a book or even a shower.

High tea is served around 1500hrs and is followed by an afternoon gamedrive. The direction of the afternoon drive is often determined by what you would have seen in the morning. Sightings worth returning to are visited again and whatever activity ensues will determine whether you will be stopping for a Sundowner or not.  You return to camp just after sunset to a hot shower and a three course dinner.

Activities: Morning and Afternoon Gamedrives

Accommodations: Moremi Mobile Camp


Day 3: Xakanaxa/Xini, Moremi Game Reserve

After early morning breakfast you set off on a morning game drive. Whether you are at Xini or Xakanaxa, you are in close proximity to very rich wildlife areas like Bodumatau, 2nd Bridge areas, Mboma Loop, Dead Tree Island and Paradise pools. Heads of Buffalo, Elephants, Zebra, and Red Lechwe are very common in the floodplains of these parts of the Okavango Delta. Predators are very often seen in tow behind heads of antelope coming out of the forest to drink. You get back to camp late morning to a hearty brunch, a short nap, reading or a bucket shower.

The Afternoon Game drive stars after the afternoon tea. Most animals visit the rivers in the afternoons to quench their thirst after a day of baking in the Kalahari heat. Heads of Elephants traversing from the woodlands, into the floodplains swim across these rivers daily after drinking. The day ends with a Sundowner, a Gin Tonic or a chilled white wine at sunset, arriving in camp just after sunset.

Activities: Morning and Afternoon Game Drive

Accommodations: Moremi Mobile Camp


Day 4: Moving Day- Xakanaxa/Xini to Khwai Game Reserve

After breakfast we begin our journey to the Khwai Game Reserve. We will have a picnic lunch en-route as well as good game viewing before arriving in camp later in the afternoon. The drive takes you in the easterly direction through Mopane Woodland, before coming out at Dombo Hippo pools. This is another likely spot for your picnic lunch.

There are good sightings of Bull Elephants, Giraffe, Zebra and sometimes big heads of Buffalo encountered en-route. Be on the lookout for Roan and Sable Antelope in the Mopane woodland.

The arrival in Khwai is via the picturesque Khwai River, which is often teaming with wildlife drinking in the late afternoons, with arrival in camp expected at 1700hrs. You will have a Sundowner in camp, a hot bucket shower and early dinner.

Activities: Game driving into camp from Maun

Accommodations: Khwai Magotho Mobile Camp


Day 5: Khwai Game Reserve

After early morning breakfast, you set off for a morning game drive, which takes you along the Khwai River and its floodplains looking for Lion, Leopard and hunting Wild dogs. African rivers have resident species like Hippopotamus, Crocodiles and great birdlife. They are also a draw for thirsty wildlife, which in turn attracts predator life.

There is always a Coffee break on a morning game drive, arriving in camp late morning to a hearty brunch, some time to relax in camp, read a book, a little nap or a shower.

After the afternoon tea, you head off for the afternoon game drive, normally in a different direction to the morning activity. This activity can include a short hike/game walk before returning to the vehicle for a Sundowner, which is usually by the river while watching wildlife drinking. You will arrive in camp for a hot bucket shower and a delicious 3 course dinner. A night game drive may follow before sleep time. But this is an optional activity for those that are interested.

Activities: Morning Game Drive, Afternoon Game Drive, Night Drive.

Accommodations: Khwai Magotho Mobile Camp


Day 6: Khwai Game Reserve

The Khwai river front, Matswere area, Leopard Lagoon, Lechwe plains, Sable Alley and the Chobe boundary area offer a lot to be seen. Much of the Khwai wildlife roams between these habitats, and after the morning breakfast you will be heading into some of these areas to find good wildlife. You will head back to camp late morning to a delicious brunch before settling in camp for some downtime and a shower.

After afternoon tea, you are off for an afternoon game drive and a Sundowner by the river watching Hippopotamus get ready to head out for their nightly feed. You drive back to camp much later than normal, with a spotlighting to catch some of the nightly wildlife coming out. A late dinner and a night cap by the fire before sleep time.

Activities: Morning and afternoon Game drive, leading into an evening drive.

Accommodations: Khwai Magotho Mobile Camp


Day 7: Moving day- Khwai Game Reserve to Savuti, Chobe National Park

After breakfast, we head out for game viewing along the Khwai River. We later leisurely head to Savuti, with a picnic lunch along the way. The transit to Savuti takes you through the Mababe Depression, once part of a gigantic lake that spread across northern Botswana. The sweet grasses of the depression are much sort after by grazing species like Buffalo, Zebra and Wildebeest. But they are many other types of wildlife encountered daily on this route.

After a picnic lunch, you arrive in the greater Savuti area early afternoon. You may just have enough time to drive past some of Savuti’s waterholes. Many Elephants, Roan Antelope, Zebra, Wildebeest Warthog, Giraffe, Tshessebe, Ostrich, Impala are seen at these waterholes daily. It is not a surprise that Lions, Hyenas and occasionally Leopard are seen here too. Hundreds of Burchel’s Sandgrouse arrive at these waterholes every afternoon to drink and collect water to carry to their chicks tens of Kilometres away.

Your will arrive in camp late afternoon. A drink in camp and an early shower is followed by a delicious dinner cooked over open fire. A night cap is a norm by the fire while re-capping the day’s sightings.

Activities: Game Drive out of Khwai.  Game drive into Savuti

Accommodations: Savuti Mobile Camp


Day 8: Savuti, Chobe National Park

After early morning breakfast, you set off into Savuti to catch up with the Savuti predator life. The Savuti Lions have been a subject of many documentaries because of their unique skill of hunting Elephants. They are a regular sighting at Savuti waterholes: being Pump Pan, Rhino Vlei, Marabou Pan or Harvey’s Pan. Of late two prides dominate two areas of Savuti. The Northern Pride at Harvey’s Pan and Pump Pan area, and the bigger Marsh Pride at Marabou Pan, Rhino Vlei and Jackal Island. The other predators usually skirt around this two Lion prides, while Hyenas compete directly with them for food.

You return to camp late morning to a hearty brunch, followed by some down time in camp. There is plenty of time to shower, read a book or even catch some nap before the afternoon tea.

Following after the afternoon tea is the afternoon game drive, to follow up on some of the morning sightings. A drive around some of the Savuti’s Kopjes is usually rewarding with Leopard or even the unique Klipspringer being spotted. Black Bellied Bustard, Kori Bustard, Denham’s Bustard, Amur Falcon, Rock Kestrels, Black Shouldered Kite are often seen in the Savuti Marsh area.

A Sundowner at some picturesque area, before you return to camp early evening is in order. Dinner follows after a hot bucket shower and a night cap by the fire. 

Activities: Game Drive, Afternoon Game Drive.

Accommodations: Savuti Mobile Camp


Day 9: Savuti, Chobe National Park

After morning breakfast, you set off to get more into the Savuti wildlife. The beauty of a three night stay in a place like Savuti, allows more time to follow up on some of the activity seen the day before. An early visit to Savuti waterholes is always rewarding particularly with the Savuti predators. You get back to camp late morning. After brunch, you can read a book, shower of catch up with much needed sleep.

The afternoon drive starts after afternoon tea, and ends at sunset with a Gin and Tonic, while enjoying the rich colours of the African sun setting behind the Sand Ridge. You arrive back in camp for a hot bucket shower and an exquisite three course dinner.

Activities: Morning and Afternoon Game drive

Accommodations: Savuti Mobile Camp


Day 10: Moving Day- Savuti to Serondela area, Chobe National Park

After morning breakfast you get into the Cruiser and head out for a short game drive in Savuti. A North easterly direction takes you out of Savuti towards Ghoga hills gate, through Teak woodland, the Chobe Enclave area that has small villages of Kachikau, Kavimba and Mabele. Re-entry into the Chobe National Park is at Ngoma Gate.

You will have a picnic lunch at Kachikau or near, and after, a visit to the Kachikau craft shop where you can get yourself a Botswana Souvenir.

The approach into camp takes you along the Chobe River front, where depending on the time of year, could have thousands of Zebras, Buffalo and other wildlife grazing along the floodplains. There is good Sable Antelope, Roan Antelope and great birdlife along the river the adjacent Teak woodland. There is a rare antelope here only seen in Chobe called Puku.

You get into camp late afternoon to a chilled drink and a hot bucket shower followed by a delicious three course dinner, and a nightcap by the fire.

Activities: Game Drive out of Savuti. Game Drive into Chobe

Accommodations: Chobe River Front Mobile Camp


Day 11: Serondela, Chobe River Front

After morning breakfast you set off on an early morning drive along the Chobe River in north easterly direction towards Kasane town. Chobe wildlife, including Cape buffalo is drawn to the river in the afternoons and stays on to graze on sweet grasses along the river at night, leaving the floodplains in the morning after sunrise. Chobe Lions are very often seen in tow behind the Buffalo, looking for an opportunity for weakness.

You will have brunch at the Oldhouse in the town of Kasane.  At noon, a short walk to the Jetty to start a three hour Boat cruise on the Chobe River, before returning to camp by road, arriving in Camp at Sunset.

Activities: Morning Game Drive. A Three hour boat Cruise. Afternoon Game Drive

Accommodations: Chobe River Front Mobile Camp  


Day 12: Transfer to Kasane Airport/Vic Falls

After morning breakfast you leave camp for the last time, and drive leisurely towards Kasane town. Guests extending to Victoria Falls will be switching transport in town that will be taking them to Victoria Falls. Guests flying from Kasane to Johannesburg, with SA LINK FLIGHT 8307 will have brunch at the Old house before a short transfer to Kasane Airport for onward connections.

Activities: Morning Game drive/Transfer to Kasane Airport/Drop off in Kasane for a link to Vic Falls.



  • This is not a lodge-based safari. This is a Mobile Tented Safaris, meaning the camp moves with you.
  • All safaris are accompanied by a full-on Crew made up of a Camp Manager, Bush Chef, Waiter, Tent Stewards and Safari assistants.
  • The Crew is responsible for Setting up your tents and all other camp chores.
  • All safaris are led by a Botswana licenced Professional Guide who stays with the group throughout the safari, with the exception of any extensions to Victoria Falls.

When To Go

Northern Botswana GoodGoodBestBestBestGoodBestBestBestGoodGoodGood
Okavango Delta GoodGoodBestBestBestBestBestBestBestGoodGoodGood
Best = Best Good = Good Mixed = Mixed



Green Season:

  • Feb, Mar, Dec
  • USD$5942 per person sharing

Shoulder Season:

  • Apr, May, June, Nov
  • USD$6251 per person sharing

High Season:

  • July, August, September, October
  • USD$6889 per person sharing


  • The above rates are per person sharing.
    • A single supplement of $525 will apply.
  • The rates are in US Dollars.
  • Kids under the age of 14 years pay half of the adult’s rate.
    • Kids under 14 years of age to share with an adult.
  • With exception of private safaris (see below), there will be a minimum age of 6 years for this safari.
  • These safaris are not private (unless requested, see below). Guests to fit into a group to a Maximum of 7 Guests.
  • Large groups of more than 7 guests will be accommodated on special arrangements up to a maximum of 12.
  • Guests can request a private departure, of any of the dates published, provided that:
    • Minimum of 4 Persons.
    • If less than 4 Persons, Guests are to pay for a minimum of 4 Persons.
    • Kids to pay half of the adult rate.
    • The dates requested are not already booked by other Guests.
  • Rates are subject to change anytime due to Government levies and other industry fluctuations not in our control.


  • Charter Flight from MAUN to Camp when starting in Maun.
  • Charter Flight to MAUN from Camp when ending in Maun.
  • Services of a Botswana licensed Professional Guide.
  • All meals and beverages, South African Wines, Beer and a selection of Spirits.
  • Game viewing activities as offered mentioned.
  • Accommodations in spacious Sahara Deluxe tents with twin beds, private shower and toilet
  • area.
  • Emergency evacuation to the nearest medical facility.
  • A 3-hour boat cruise in Chobe.
  • Laundry


  • Travel Insurance
  • International Flights, Visa and Airport Taxes
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • All items of personal nature

Additional Information

Possible Wildlife:

  • Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Spotted Hyena, African Wild dog, Serval, Civet, Bat-eared Fox, Side Striped Jackal, Black Backed Jackal,  African Buffalo, African Savanna Elephant, Red Lechwe, Puku, Impala, Greater Kudu, Sable Antelope, Roan Antelope, Tsessebe, Honey Badger, Plains Zebra, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, Common Warthog, Steenbok, Common Duiker, Common Reedbuck, Blue Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Bush Buck, Nile Crocodile, Leopard Tortoise, Flap-necked Chameleon, Water Monitor Lizard, Rock Monitor Lizard, Banded Mongoose, Yellow Mongoose, Dwarf Mongoose, Slender Mongoose, Tree Squirrel
  • There are over 475 species of Birds in Botswana. While there are enough colourful birds throughout the season to fulfil amateur birding interest, the best time for more serious birding is from November through to April. Special Birding trips can be arranged for private groups with minimums of 4 people.

Recommended Flights:

  • Johannesburg to Maun: 1145HRS SA LINK FLIGHT SA8300
  • Cape Town to Maun: 1035HRS SA LINK FLIGHT SA8604
  • Kasane to Johannesburg: 1400HRS SA LINK FLIGHT SA8307


  • The above itineraries are not private departures. Guests will be able to feed into the existing programs up to a maximum of 7.
  • Guests/Families of 4 and up can request dates not booked by others for their private group.
  • Requests for private safaris of less than 4 Guests must pay for 4.
  • Groups of more than 7 can book dates not booked by others, but must not add to more than 12.
  • A deposit of 20% will be required to confirm your safari.
  • The deposit is not refundable. Please ensure you have adequate insurance before committing to a safari.
  • All relevant booking conditions and/or any other booked services will apply to your travel arrangements.
  • You must please cover yourselves, prior to confirming the booking, with comprehensive travel, medical, cancellation, curtailment and default insurance for the duration of your trip. Due to the remote and wild areas that we operate in, it is vital that all guests are covered for emergencies and other unforeseen circumstances. We will not be held responsible for guests travelling without insurance.
  • The relevant cancellation policy applies should you fail to join or start your safari for any reason, including airline delays or missed connections. Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance for this purpose. You become liable for cancellation penalties immediately on confirmation of your booking services.
  • The Price is subject to any VAT, levy, fuel or any other industry increases that are beyond our control.
  • Two daily Activities are included in the Price; this is the Morning and afternoon activity. They are carried out in Customized 4×4 Toyota Land cruiser.
  • The above itinerary includes places that are situated in Malaria areas. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist and establish what precautions will be required for this fever.
  • Passports must be valid (usually for at least 6 months after date of travel) and have at least 3 blank visa pages (not endorsement pages).
  • All visa requirements must be fulfilled, and these are your responsibility. If you have any queries about obtaining visas, please contact us
  • Due to the logistics of travelling on a safari to remote areas, we strongly recommend that you read all the literature that will be forwarded to you and if you have any queries to please contact us directly.

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