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Selati Game Reserve Walking Safari

“4 to 6 day privately guided walking safari in the Selati Game Reserve by Sabrina & Jan Hendrik”
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South Africa
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All Year
3 Nights
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Lodge and Canvas
Timbavati & Klaserie Nature Reserves
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Find your way back to nature on this walking safari in the Selati Game Reserve. A truly unique experience, dedicated to the little things of the environment, but not forgetting the big ones. After all, all Big 5 can be met here!

Itinerary in Brief

selati walking safari south africa elephants

The Selati Game Reserve is a 27 000 ha Private Reserve situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa with unique biodiversity and unmatched beauty. It is the Ga-Salati River running through it which is a tributary of the Olifants River. Founded in 1993 through the collaborative effort of landowners in the area who shared a common vision, the Reserve plays a vital role in conserving and enhancing the wildlife heritage of South Africa.

The Reserve is home to the Lillie Cycad Reserve which contains the critically endangered Encephalartos dyerianos cycad, which can only be found here.

Selati is a Big Five area but also has Cheetah, Black & White Rhino, Hyenas, Hippo and many more. It is also home to the biggest population of free roaming Sable antelope in Southern Africa due to a very good breeding program.

Due to vulture numbers diminishing in Southern Africa, Selati has established a vulture restaurant which feeds vultures on a regular basis, contributing to their conservation. This allows for some of the best vulture viewing opportunities in Southern Africa.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

Guests typically arrive in Hoedspruit in the morning and will be met and collected by us at the Rock Fig Center. Followed by an hour vehicle transfer to our camp in the Selati Game Reserve. Or we meet the people directly at the gate of the Reserve.

Guests will have time to settle and freshen-up in their tents prior to a light lunch followed by a safety briefing and a talk about the program for the upcoming days – setting expectations and prepping guests for what will be an epic wildlife and safari experience.

Then we will depart for a relaxed walk outside of camp, slowly introducing everyone to the environment and stretching our legs after a long day of travel. This walk will focus on the introduction of Selati, the Savanna Biome and the vegetation in this area.

Day 2

Our days will start early, typically before sunrise, for a quick cup of coffee and some cereals prior to meet for our Game Walk. We will walk all the way to the Ga-Selati River in search for the BIG 5.

As we are looking for these animals, you will learn about their tracks and signs and how to interpret them. Further we teach you their behavior in regards of finding them and of course how to read their body language in order to create a safe and enjoyable experience in a sighting.

Potential target mammal species in the Selati Game Reserve include: leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo, hyena, zebra, giraffe, warthog, waterbuck, chacma baboon, vervet monkey and nyala.

Eventually, we will slow down from chasing down the larger, rarer iconic mammals as we start to focus more on the birdlife and other creatures that call this reserve home.

Target bird species are far too numerous to mention them all, but a few specials include: Greyhooded Kingfisher, Western Osprey, Lappet-faced Vulture, Thick-billed Cuckoo and many more species.

The morning game walk is about 7 to 8 hours in duration and consist of a mid-way breakfast break in a nice spot. That for we provide you with a delicious breakfast pack.

Arriving back in camp you will have a chance to return to your rooms and freshen up briefly before a well-deserved lunch around 3pm.

The afternoon can be used to relax and lay in the splash pool, read a book or watch the wildlife that comes through camp.

After dinner we will have an in-depth astronomy presentation, where we introduce you to the stars of the southern hemisphere (if the weather permits).

Day 3

We will leave early morning with the vehicle towards the area of an archaeological site. The last stretch we will walk on foot to explore the hill and its surroundings. As we climb to the top we will show you the different features of this historical site and explain to you what might have happened and teach you about African cultures and bush craft.

Our breakfast break we have on top of the hill. This place is normally a good area to spot elephants, rhinos and lions.

Arriving back in camp you will have a chance to return to your rooms and freshen up briefly before a well-deserved lunch around 1pm.

There is then a break during mid-day and the use of this break will either be for a siesta or will be discussed to you during the safari if otherwise.

Afternoon tea prior to heading out for the afternoon activity which typically leaves around 3:30 or 4pm. We will head out towards the water hole that is close to the camp and wait to see what animals might arrive to drink. The area where the camp is situated has lots of Black Rhinos and

Cheetahs constantly moving through this area. This will be a slow and easy walk and we will return to camp just after the sun has set.

Any changes or additions to the daily routine will be discussed on a day to day bases.

Day 4

In the morning we will hike up the highest mountain in the area called La Bela France. Around this mountain you can usually find Black Rhino, Elephants and Elands. We will slowly spiral up the mountain towards the peak. This walk focus on vegetation and its ecological role and uses.

Vultures normally fly around the mountain due to the updrafts it creates, giving you a spectacular view of White-backed Vultures as they soar around you.

In the afternoon we will enjoy a drive out to the vulture restaurant. From there we will drive to a nice sundowner spot where we will watch the sunset. During this drive we will learn a lot about birds and their behavior.

Day 5

We will drive towards the Cycad reserve and stop at the bottom of Lillie Koppie. We will then walk on top, where we visit the ancient cycads and learn more about them. While enjoying the amazing view we will have our breakfast break.

There will be no afternoon activity. After dinner we will depart for a night game drive. We drive with a spotlight searching for some nocturnal creatures. These can include: leopard, lion, genet, civit, various mongoose species, bush babies and much more.

Any changes or additions to the daily routine will be discussed on a day to day bases.

Day 6

Today marks the end of our trip and will start with a full cooked breakfast prior to our departure.

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