GivePower to Ride 4 a Woman


You can change the future for so many women and children in need.

This project is a collaboration between our passionate friend Deborah Thompson, GivePower & SAFARI FRANK.  Join us as we contribute to the up-liftment of an entire community in the Buhoma region of Uganda!

The Need

In the town of Buhoma, Uganda, the nonprofit Ride 4 a Woman has uplifted women struggling with HIV, domestic violence, hunger, and poverty. Ride 4 a Woman has provided clean drinking water, employment, scholarships, shelter, microloans and long term solutions for people in need. Even in the most difficult of pandemic times, their organization has found ways to fund community initiatives. However, their ability to generate revenue is limited by their lack of reliable electricity.

If Ride 4 a Woman can obtain reliable power, they can expand sales of their high-quality crafted goods to a global online market. A reliable source of power will allow Ride 4 a Woman to continue current programs and expand their support for the people of Buhoma, Uganda.


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The Opportunity

GivePower, a registered 501(c)(3) U.S. non-profit, and a finalist in the Fast Company 2021 World-Changing Ideas Awards, can install a clean and renewable solar energy solution that will allow Ride 4 a Woman to provide water, food and communications to the people of Buhoma. Your donation will fund a solar installation that will allow Ride 4 a Woman to power computers and establish an online shop that will expand their sales to a global market and increase their community giving and improve the lives of the people of Buhoma.

Project Goals:

  • Provide renewable and sustainable power to the Ride 4 a Woman Community Center, Noel’s Cottage, Mwebesa House, Sabini House, and on-site restaurant. Install energy efficient appliances and lighting.
  • Expand services provided to the community of Buhoma Parish through use of reliable energy, including newly established charging stations.
  • Create an online business for Ride 4 a Woman’s shop, expanding sales to a global market.
  • Market and grow Ride 4 a Woman’s online shop and tourism business to increase income for the Community Center and expand services.
  • Increase the number of women, children, local residents of Buhoma Parish that receive Ride 4 a Woman’s support and services, as income grows.

About Ride 4 a Woman

Established in Uganda in 2009 by Evelyn Habasa and her husband Denis, the nonprofit Ride 4 a Woman was created to support local women struggling with HIV, domestic violence and oppressive poverty. Initially, Evelyn identified that there was a need to repair local bicycles, a primary means of transportation, and she began training women in bike repair, which is how the organization got its name. Now, Ride 4 a Woman has expanded its income sources to handmade goods, sewing, basket weaving, performance art, tourism lodging and a cafe. They have also expanded their services to support hundreds of women, children, and residents of Buhoma Parish with clean water, education, counseling, and microloans for startup businesses.

View their website here.

Ride 4 a Woman’s – Impact

  • Provides services and support to over 300 local women who are victims of domestic violence, AIDS, and extreme poverty
  • Employs 54 women to make crafted goods and 17 support staff to run facilities
  • Provides education to 86 children through scholarship program
  • Has created over 100 businesses through microloans to local women
  • Provides over 150 liters of clean water daily via water filters at community center
  • Supports residents of Buhoma Parish, population ~7000 by providing food, water, education, counseling, job training, and microloans for new businesses.
  • All of these services are expanded as additional income is earned.



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Customized Project Installation based on Detailed Inspection

On July 4, 2022, Village Energy conducted a detailed site visit of the Ride 4 a Woman Community Center to determine their needs. Your contribution will go towards providing:

  • Centralized, customized Solar PV system to power all buildings in Ride 4 a Woman’s Community Center
  • Two Eco-friendly, Solar powered DC refrigerators
  • Solar Powered Compound Lighting, including two 4500lm lights at entrances and four 3000lm lights around the site
  • Three flat plate 300ltrs solar water heaters to supply water to the units and the kitchen

About GivePower

GivePower is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation committed to extending the environmental and social benefits of clean, renewable energy around the globe. GivePower uses solar and battery storage technologies to deliver essential services to the developing world. The organisation has helped bring clean power and clean water to underserved communities in 25 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  • GivePower received top honours in Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards, including “Best World Changing Ideas North America”, “Developing World Technology” and “General Excellence”
  • Recipient of 2021 Energy Globe Award
  • Guidestar Gold Rated U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit

Project Breakdown

Q: What does $75,000 provide and what happens if you don’t raise the full amount?
A: Cost breakdown is as follows:

  • *$40,650 supplies clean, renewable power for the Ride 4 a Woman Community Center
  • *$4,900 to power to their newly built Sabini House
  • *$5,000 for energy-efficient solar-powered refrigeration.
  • *$2250 installs solar lighting at the entrances to the Community Center
  • *$3600 provides solar lighting for the grounds of the Community Center
  • *$6000 adds energy-efficient solar water heaters

*just over $12,000 was built in for contingencies, some of which will definitely be needed, but some of this may not. Anyone who has done construction or any remodel understands this is necessary. Especially since we are working near an “Impenetrable Forest” and given today’s construction climate. If there are ‘leftover’ funds, they can be directed towards internet connection, computers, supplies, or other needs.

If we have only raised a portion of this money, at least the amount needed to power the Center, we will succeed. We will accomplish at least one of the goals together. Your donation will definitely make a world of difference in the lives of these smart, resourceful, hardworking women…so let’s shoot for the whole needed amount..

Will you Help?

The cost for materials and labor to install a clean, renewable, solar energy system to provide Ride 4 a Woman with enough electricity to power their Community Center, Lodges, and Shelter and install high-efficiency appliances and lighting is approximately $75,000*. Since one generous donor funds 100% of GivePower’s administrative costs, 100% of every additional donation goes directly to a project in the field. Your donation goes directly to GivePower, a Guide Star Gold Rated, United States registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and will be used for the Ride 4 a Woman installation.

*Cost is based on a detailed site survey conducted on July 4, 2022, it is subject to modification upon installation.


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