Okahirongo River Camp

“Such a high standard of luxury feels all the more special in one of the most remote regions on Earth”
Budget level: High-End
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All year
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Kaokoland, Northern Namibia Safaris
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Okahirongo River Camp is situated deep in the Kaokoland wilderness overlooking the Kunene River. Kaokoland in the Kunene Region is one of the most untouched, wild areas in the north-west of Namibia and the land of the Himba tribe. The camp is luxurious yet eco-friendly and you can rest assured that the breathtaking views of the wilderness are being preserved.

About as remote as it gets, Okahirongo River Camp is not easily accessed but well worth the effort!

The camp is situated in the Marienfluss Valley of northern Namibia, on the Kunene River, which forms the border between Namibia and Angola. The area is known for its native inhabitants, the nomadic Himba people, who continue to live here, largely free of modern adaptations. You will have the rare chance to interact with these fascinating people.

The camp is elegant, representing the top tier of luxury with especially fine cuisine. It sits amidst a stunning landscape: rugged hillsides, vast grasslands and red rock outcrops – sliced through by the dense green belt of the Kunene River, of course. The flight here is its own adventure – you will cross some of the most vacant and enthralling regions on Planet Earth!

Many visitors are astounded at the level of luxury the camp provides in the heart of the Kunene wilderness. The communal areas are chic minimalist, so the emphasis is on the surrounding nature. Traditional local lightings are used to sprinkle a little magic and to keep the place as unspoiled as possible. There is a wet-edge swimming pool at the center of camp, the perfect place to relax on those steamy days. The dining experience is of a very high standard as the owners take the attitude that elegance is everything, even in this most remote of locations! Healthy and incredibly tasty food is prepared with amazing attention to detail, fusing local and Italian cuisine.

Okahirongo River Camp contains six luxury guest rooms and a family suite. All are spaced out across the rocky hillside, overlooking a set of rapids in the river below. Constructed from wood and canvas, each room has its own special viewing point from a private veranda, with comfy chairs providing a relaxing environment from which to enjoy the view! Inside, the bedrooms are classed as minimalist African chic, with a touch of indigenous culture amid a warm and comforting décor. The beds are king sized and very comfortable. All rooms have an en-suite bathroom with twin washbasins, an indoor chronotherapy shower, and an outdoor shower boasting a panoramic vista of the surrounding areas. The family suite offers a large living space, with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a spacious private veranda.

Okahirongo River Camp is excellent for activities that take you very close into nature, as it is so remote. The property’s expert guides are on hand to ensure a thrilling adventure, whether you are exploring the Marienfluss valley, going on a day or night drive, checking out the area’s hiking trails, or even boating along the Kunene River! The river, which borders Angola, is well known for its impressive population of crocodiles, although other animals are fairly scarce along the river. There is however plenty of other wildlife in the Marienfluss Valley, which is home to springbok, ostrich and an impressive array of birdlife.

While staying at the camp guests can take a trip to one of the local Himba villages and the chance to meet the Himba. This isn’t a token cultural ‘meet-and-greet’, these people inhabit another world and it’s truly a privilege to encounter them.
The Himba are one of the last semi-nomadic tribes of the desert and it is very interesting to see how they live. Additionally, guests are treated to some traditional singing and dancing and the striking beauty of the Himba women in their traditional dress and red-ochre clay is a dramatic and unforgettable sight.

The other special thing to do at Kaokoland is to track desert-adapted elephants and black rhinos. The Kaokoland is the only place in the world you can see these animals, or you can take a boat and enjoy sundowners down Kunene River. Whatever you decide to do you will feel a sense of freedom and being one with nature.

Guests can fly in by private charter to the local airstrip, or board a scheduled flight to the closest serviced airstrip and then join a road transfer to Camp. Self-drivers can also leave their vehicles at an agreed point and transfer to Camp. The Camp also provides a transfer service between the two sister camps, one of the most and scenic drives in Africa!

In summary…. you will be surprised with the level of luxury amid the Kunene wilderness and with really awesome activities, highly recommended!

Come and experience seriously remote luxury at its very best!

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