Sarara Treehouses

“Private and intimate ‘treehouse’ camp set up high in the forest commanding spectacular views”
Budget level: High-End
When to Go
All year, closed in November
Property Type
Camp Permanent
Northern Kenya
Kids Min Age

Sarara Treehouses is one of the new and exciting additions to Sarara main camp, this exquisite tree camp is snuggled into the surrounding forest and can only be accessed by foot or pony. It takes around two hours, with camels bringing your luggage…..become that safari explorer you always wanted to be!

Sarara Tree Camp or Treehouses encompass the same atmosphere and vibrancy that Sarara has become renowned for.

Nestled into a forest glade within a two hour walk from Sarara, the treehouses emerge out of the forest canopy. A main mess area and swimming pool command incredible views of Mount Uarges, one of the seven sacred mountains to the Samburu.

Elephant, buffalo, leopard, bushbuck and a wide array of other life roam beneath you on the forest floor, offering incredible wildlife experiences from the comfort of your beautifully appointed tree tent. This off the grid, solar-powered masterpiece is entirely eco-friendly, with every precaution and expense taken to preserve the natural habitat surrounding it. The Sarara Tree Camp is entirely community owned.

The camp has six luxury tents with en-suite toilet and basin with adjacent outdoor shower. There is also a family unit comprising of two tents close together, each with en-suite toilet and basin with adjacent outdoor shower.

The camp is powered by solar energy generated by several sets of solar panels. Fresh food is kept, not in a refrigerator, but in a specially designed charcoal store. Twice a day the charcoal is soaked with water and evaporation keeps food at cellar temperatures. All water is gravity fed by a fresh, pure mountain springs – no pumps required – and then pass through a UV filter. Bottles/glass/plastic/tins are all removed from Sarara Treehouses and recycled. Solar panels run all freezers etc. Minimal chlorine is used in the pool. Sewage is sent into soak away tanks. And the buildings all use local naturally felled trees and local stone.

Sarara Tree has established itself as one of the ‘hot spots’ for quality leopard viewing in Africa and equally, for close-up sightings of the normally extremely shy lesser kudu antelope. The African wild dogs are frequently encountered in the Sarara valley too. Elephant, buffalo, giraffe, gerenuk, impala and warthogs are now regularly seen on game drives and bush walks and are very much on the increase in numbers. Unusual sightings include striped hyena, aardwolf, civet cat, African wild cat, greater kudu, grevy zebra and cheetah.

Activities at Sarara Tree are the same as at Sarara main camp and include day and night game drives, guided walks, fly camping, horse riding, visits to the elephant sanctuary, scenic flights to Mt Kenya or Lake Turkana, visiting the local village and the singing wells.

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