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“Become friends of the hosts at this comfortable lodge with the BEST fresh food in Arusha”
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Twiga Lodge is a luxurious homely property situated at the foothills of Mount Meru at the entrance to Arusha National Park and is named after the Swahili word for giraffe which frequently visit the lodge. Herds of forest elephants march past the lodge on a daily basis, snapping branches, and having lunch or dinner to the sound of their rumbling stomachs is a special treat!

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Twiga Lodge is built in the style of a traditional African Bush Home, with whitewashed walls, high beams and a thatched roof. Set in 2-hectares of landscaped gardens, Twiga Lodge has a breathtaking view of Mount Meru with its distinctive ragged peak shaped like a broken tooth. An exposed volcano that collapsed millions of years ago, Mount Meru is wrapped in lush forest reaching all the way down to the lodge.

Meru is the centrepiece of the Arusha National Park whose entrance is a mere 5 minutes from the lodge, and whose thick tropical rain forest, lakes and moorlands make it a safe haven for multitudes of wildlife. With the lodge’s purpose-built viewing platform Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen on a clear day, tempting you with the promise of a true adventure.

After being met at the airport (just 35 minutes away) you will be driven in a luxury vehicle to Twiga Lodge, where you will be welcomed with open arms by the warm and attentive staff. At 1430 m (4670ft) above sea level, Twiga Lodge is the ideal haven to acclimatise for trekking up to Meru or Kilimanjaro, or simply as your ideal stepping-stone into a safari adventure. Enjoy a refreshing drink before being shown to your room, then join the hosts on their large veranda or ‘game watching tower’ for a sundowner as Mount Meru fades behind the pale moonlight.

All the rooms are thoughtfully designed using bright African shades and colours, and decorated using locally sourced materials, traditional furniture and artefacts. Two of the upstairs suites have a top and bottom room with interior staircase and en-suite bathroom complete with walk-in shower. Another is accessed via the spacious balcony and all upstairs rooms have a stunning view of Mount Meru and its surrounding rainforest.

Each room is supplied with crisp cotton sheets that adorn the beds, complete with mosquito nets, bedside lamps and soft ceiling lights. Fresh flowers from the garden fill each room with a soothing fragrance and all toiletries and towels are provided in each bathroom. The décor throughout Twiga Lodge is a mixture of new and old, with a genuine ‘Out of Africa’ feel and an ambience which will make you feel right at home.

At Twiga Lodge the hosts pride themselves in producing the very best in freshly prepared home cooking. Their location means they have access to beautifully healthy and freshly picked vegetables, tropical fruits and herbs, some of which are grown in their very own veggie garden. They also have access to farm meat and poultry as well as fish from Lake Victoria and the Indian Ocean. They are happy to cater to international tastes, offering a wide range of salads, home-made soups, stews, steaks and other meat dishes. They also create inviting alternatives for vegetarians, not to mention a wide variety of delicious desserts. Nothing quite beats the aroma of freshly made bread, which are prepare and bake on site at Twiga Lodge.

The staff are friendly and highly skilled with years of experience between them. Handpicked from the local community, the kitchen staff enjoy the art of cooking and take great delight in creating meals, including a range of African dishes that will delight your senses.

All meals can be taken in the dining room or on the beautiful balcony overlooking the grounds to make the most of the surrounding scenery and flawless night skies. We are also more than happy to set up a fabulous dining table within the garden, affording complete privacy to enjoy a star-studded romantic dinner by candlelight or a champagne breakfast to start your day. In addition to the kitchen prepared meals, there is also a BBQ deck outdoors, beautifully designed to complement a meal on coals!

At Twiga Lodge the owners aim to provide you with the very best stay and the lodge is highly recommended!

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