When to Travel Africa

"If the truth be told, any time is a good time to explore Africa..."

All African safari destinations have a wet and a dry season which are in most cases dramatically different, a summer and a winter and transitions between. The variety of adventures and experiences served up by such diversity means there are advantages and disadvantages to each location dependent on the time of year, but it also means that there are great places to explore at ANY time.

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The changing landscape and environment also create an abundance of opportunities to experience unforgettable sightings and natural phenomena as wildlife moves in response.

The quote by Ernest Hemingway rings true for our Africa:

“Now, being in Africa, I was hungry for more of it, the changes of the seasons, the rains with no need to travel, the discomforts that you paid to make it real, the names of the trees, of the small animals, and all the birds, to know the language and have time to be in it and to move slowly.”

SAFARI FRANK is here to provide you with the options for your preferred time of travel, with frank advice on what to expect, as well as alternative recommendations.

Together with you, we will plan the perfect once in lifetime authentic adventure!

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