"The elephant stronghold of Zimbabwe"

Located in the northwest corner of Zimbabwe about one hour south of the mighty Victoria Falls, sits Hwange National Park – one of Africa’s biggest conservation areas dedicated to the protection of wildlife in its natural habitat. The park’s remote and diverse landscape is home to 100 mammal species - including 19 large herbivores such as buffalo, eland, sable and wildebeest – and 400 bird species with lions, buffaloes, cheetahs and hyenas also being regularly spotted. Here, elephant numbers are estimated to be more than 40,000 strong (up from around 4,000 when the park was granted Game Reserve status in 1928) and you’ll find the world’s largest population of wild dogs.

From December to March rains make the landscape lush and green, and the animals disperse. From June to October the land dries and animals congregate around the water holes, making it the ideal time for wildlife spotting, especially very large congregations of elephants around waterholes.

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