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Horse Riding

"Gallop to new frontiers"

“Be part of exhilarating animal to animal interaction”


Imagine yourself on horseback, wind in your hair and water splashing your legs as you canter through a shallow floodplain alongside a herd of wild lechwe. Or riding amidst towering red sand dunes in some of the earth’s oldest and most remote desert. From Botswana’s lush Okavango Delta to Namibia’s rugged desert Africa offers a diverse array of options and there is just the right horse safari for even the most extraordinary taste.

There is no better feeling than experiencing a riding safari in the wild heart of Africa. Exploring the wilderness on horseback, gives a feeling of lighthearted freedom and sharing the endless vastness with the ‘big 5’ of African wildlife is indescribable!

Far away from everyday noisiness, traffic sounds and civilization, you have the chance to become one with nature and meet the wildlife in a very special way. Horses are accepted by African wildlife as peaceful companions. Fellow herbivores allow horses and riders to approach even closer than it would ever be possible with a jeep. When the horses calmly drop their heads, start grazing they send the game a signal that they too can relax in our presence. To gallop side by side with zebra, giraffe and wildebeest is to truly feel a part of the herd. Quietly approaching elephant and rhino without disturbing them is a unique and special experience. On horseback you can get very close to wildlife and observe it silently and inconspicuously without impairing their natural behavior.

This is also certainly the most resource-friendly way to experience a safari.

Choose to escape civilization and the usual luxury, with only a campfire, a horse and a cot under the stars in Damaraland or go on a comfortable safari with beautiful, varied camps and the chance to view the ‘big 5’ in Botswana’s Okavango. Trot through the ochre hued dunes of the Namib Desert, or canter along paradisiacal beaches in Mozambique. Embark on a horseback rhino track in South Africa or gallop as you accompany the great wildebeest migration of Kenya. Every safari is unique and a fascinating adventure that you will never forget.



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