"What kind of safaris do we offer?"

The variety of African safari tours are diverse, incredibly complex and can be quite overwhelming at times. If you’re new, where do you start? That’s where we come in!

We’ve got experience in all the different types of safari tours, we have been to all locations and we’ve have done all the ‘homework’ and filtering for you. Ensuring that – no matter your style of travel, you’re in the capable hands of real people who have been there and got the t-shirt.

Different types of African Safari Tours:


A self-drive safari is a fantastic way to see Africa on your own steam. It involves either traveling in your own vehicle, or renting a capable one from a reputable company, and driving yourself from point A to point B. This can be done by stopping at fantastic campsites along the way, by going lodge to lodge, or a combination of both. It gives you great flexibility of being able to decide how and when things happen and is also one of the most affordable means to traverse the continent. A self-drive safari is thus for the traveller who prefers to do things by themselves, are more adventurous and budget conscious, or are seeking to spend a longer period road tripping through Africa.

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Classic Safari

A classic safari is for those travellers who don’t want to self-drive, but also don’t necessarily want a luxury safari. They are after a good quality safari experience at a reasonable price. This can often be the hardest type of safari to get right! With thousands of options out there all claiming to be the best, it can be hard to filter out the nonsense and find those hidden gems. Finding the best safari camps at a reasonable price point is one of our specialties! What you want is a small authentic camp with a great team of staff members, awesome food and access to incredible wildlife areas.

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Adventure Safari

Adventure is our expertise and our passion! An adventure safari is for the traveller who seeks to go beyond the norm, off the beaten track, out of their comfort zone and stay active whilst on safari. This type of safari could be classed as an adventure because of the location, the style of accommodation or the activities. You could find yourself visiting a very remote area, hard to get too or with an intense wildlife experience usually far from the normal tourist route. The accommodation, often just a canvas tent with bedding somewhere in the wild, and even sometimes without a tent – just under a canopy of stars! And the activities can vary all the way from trekking for Gorillas, multi-day backpacking walking safaris, kayaking in the Okavango Delta, tracking lions on walking safaris and the list goes on! Its niche, its different, its exciting and that’s why we love it! We’ve identified many life-changing adventure safaris all across Africa.

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Private Safari

This is something that many people might have never heard about, or considered to be an option. A private safari is to enjoy Africa in your own exclusive small group or as a couple, without mixing with the other tourists. This typically includes private dinners, transfers, vehicles and safari activities (sometimes even the whole lodge or a private house!). This ensures that your particular needs can be met by the local guides and you can focus on what you enjoy, and not what others enjoy. Too often on safari there can be a culture clash between individuals from different nations, especially when on an activity or around a dinner table – this totally negates those moments and ensures you can enjoy every moment of your private safari. For those wanting to do a private safari, it is highly recommended to include the services of a professional private guide who will ensure a high standard and a smooth safari – just the way you want it! They will take care of all the logistics, level of service and tailoring the safari experience exactly to your requirements. They are often a specialist in the field of guiding and can boost your private safari to the next level! Especially for those interested in photography. This is by far the most enjoyable form of safari which is why many frequent safari Africa travellers take this route.

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Luxury Safari

For those travellers wanting the best of the best. A luxury safari can often take you to lodges of 5-star standards or higher – yes, it’s possible to go higher! We’re talking Egyptian cotton sheets, 5 course dinners with world-class wines and included helicopter flights. Luxury African safaris will see you exploring pristine wilderness areas often kept exclusively for the luxury lodge you are staying at. If you want a high quality, uninterrupted, and second-to-none wildlife experience with top quality guides – then a luxury safari is the way to go. A luxury safari doesn’t often come with a low-price tag, so if you are prepared to pay for the best then this is for you. Taking this a step further, would be to combine the above and do a luxury private safari with a top-notch private guide enhancing the experience even further! Now that’s luxury…

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Family Safari

Many would say a safari is not for families with kids, but we beg to differ. There are many lodges that specialize in family groups and have special family rooms and catering facilities specifically to make family travel a breeze. This can be a great way to expand your children’s views on the world and get them excited about nature. Often, it’s also a great way to entice your children off their electronic devices and enjoy being in the moment. Many wanting to travel Africa with children are also afraid of the risk of malaria on safari. However, there are destinations where families are welcome that are totally malaria free making the travel even more relaxed as the worried parent.

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SafariFRANK has three different means for you to get started with booking your next African safari. The first of which is Scheduled Safaris: these are pre-planned, packaged and priced with fixed starting dates. All that is required is for you to pick the right safari for you, and book a spot. Its that simple!

The second option is our range of Trip Ideas: these are suggestions, sample itineraries which we created in order to showcase the incredible possibilities and, to provide you with a building block or structure from which to expand. They vary greatly in their offerings and will soon inspire you into narrowing down on the experience you are after.

And lastly, there is the Safari Enquirer: simply answer a few questions about the safari you want to experience and our team will design it from scratch! Perfect for those who already know what they are looking for and need us to make it happen, or those who need help or have questions.  We take away the stress and hours of research, and replace it with fast, friendly and frank safari solutions.

“There are too many options and I don’t know where to start?” If this is you, DONT PANIC! A good starting point is to read information about the months or times of the year that you are looking to travel Africa, in order to gather some insight into what’s best during that time period. Use the link below to navigate through our advice on when to travel!

Our Safari Selection

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Lodge 10 Nights Botswana More than 8 Guests Apr-Nov
Price * 6,050 USD

"Journey Through Botswana's Heart: An Unforgettable Safari Adventure"

Lodge and Canvas 12 Nights Zambia 4 to 8 Guests May-Nov
Budget level: High-End

"Journey through Zambia's pristine wilderness, encountering its rich wildlife and diverse landscapes"

Lodge 6 Nights Zambia 4 to 8 Guests All Year
Budget level: Top-End

“Immerse yourself in the enchanting wilderness of Zambia with 6 nights of intimate safari experiences at Kakuli Camp and Chinzombo.”

Lodge 3 Nights Zambia 2 to 8 Guests Oct-Dec
Budget level: Mid-Range

"Experience the spectacular bat migratio at Kasanka National Park and the Wasa Lodge."

Lodge 21 Nights Botswana 2 All Year
Budget level: Top-End

"The best of Southern Africa, spanning incredible wilderness, stunning beachside havens & vibrant cities"

Lodge 13 Nights South Africa 2 All Year
Budget level: Top-End

“Embrace the diverse charm of Southern Africa's gems - Cape Town, Kruger, Victoria Falls, and Botswana"

Lodge 12 Nights South Africa 4 to 8 Guests All Year
Budget level: Mid-Range

"A breathtaking journey through South Africa’s breathtaking Garden Route and Wine Valleys"

Lodge 11 Nights South Africa 4 to 8 Guests All Year
Budget level: Affordable

"Experience the captivating charm of Southern Africa's gems"

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