La Belle Tortue

“Small and intimate stay on a private island with a French chef treating you to gastronomic delights prepared from fresh local produce”
Budget level: High-End
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All year
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Other Inner Islands
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Stay among only 15 guests at La Belle Tortue, this is not a resort, this is not an island hotel, it is not a 5-star lodge….. and that is precisely why they are able to offer you such a rare and exclusive experience.

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La Belle Tortue is a hotel establishment with a human edge, offering high-end services, ideal for private stays due to its location on Silhouette, an island part of the Inner Islands and classified as a National Park in the heart of the Indian Ocean and the Seychelles, only 30 minutes from the main island Mahé and 50 minutes from the international airport, with its rich history and breathtaking landscapes. But also the facilities and the many possible activities on the island, excursions, fishing, snorkelling, diving and the list goes on.

The Belle Tortue beach, a stretch of white sand, is sheltered in a creek, forming a natural pool between the old pier and Pointe Varreur. When the tide goes up and chase you from the beach, take refuge on the upper beaches in the garden by the ocean and continue to soak up the sun after your bath or enjoy the shadow of a Takamaka tree.

The Villas of La Belle Tortue are spread out in a tropical garden, surrounded by the lush vegetation of Silhouette, beautifully orchestrated by a Seychellois gardener. Terraces and “Varangues” are the favourite places of life in Creole culture. During the day or in the evening, in front of your room or in the lounge, you will be able to read, discuss, gaze, take a nap and enjoy the moment.

La Belle Tortue offers the following accommodation options:

  • Lodge Room: 40 sqm, located on the first floor of the villas with balcony & sea view, can accommodate two adults, with single or double beds. It has a balcony facing the ocean with two armchairs and an indoor lounge on the landing is at your disposal.
  • Varangue Room: 45 sqm, on the ground floor with a terrace, the Varangue Room can accommodate two adults and one child, with single or double beds.
  • Villa Anne Dieu-Le-Veut: 50 sqm, small villa with bedroom, bathroom and balcony located on the 1st floor, with indoor and outdoor living room located on the ground floor. The Villa can accommodate 2 adults and one child, with single or double beds.
  • Modular Suites and Villas: 74 sqm, a Varangue room and a connected living room, can accommodate 2 adults, 2 children under 12 years, or 1 adult and 1 child.

The open Creole style dining room awaits you for some delicious oceanfront dining. The French chef will make you discover a fusion cuisine based on fresh and local products. A rotunda opens onto the flower garden and the beach five meters away, enjoy cocktails and dishes prepared by the chef according to the ‘sea spray’. The French chef takes pleasure in preparing a varied menu for you every day. Mixing local and foreign techniques, you will discover local products according to the available fish and the seasons. Breakfast is the most important moment of the day. Enjoy a selection of homemade tropical jams, fresh fruit and juice, French pastries, anything that makes you happy and that you usually have at home, or not! For lunch, discover a specialty menu, room service, and freshly picked coconuts or even the picnic basket for your hikes or lunches on the beach. In the evening come and discover the local flavours revisited, elaborated through a fusion cuisine that will not leave you indifferent, shrimp takamaka coconut pineapple with vanilla sauce, bourgeois grilled in marinade and yellow rice, tartare of mango and coriander bonito, millionaire salad, baba banana, tiramisu coco passion… the hotel will also be happy to prepare your catch of the day and introduce you to this pleasure!

Snorkel in La Belle Tortue or Anse Mondon and enjoy the treasures of the ocean. Swim among turtles, and colourful fish! Dive with the 5 Star PADI centre and discover one of the most important underwater eco-systems: observe manta rays, sea turtles, sharks and corals … enjoy the biodiversity and magic of the sea with an experienced and friendly team.

Play the role of Robinson Crusoe on a deserted island and visit one of the most beautiful beaches of Silhouette through the forest: Anse Lascars, Anse Patate, Grand Barbe … look for the famous treasure of Jean-François Hodoul, without missing the most beautiful riches of the island, its natural wonders. Each hike can be organized and accompanied.

Go on a fishing expedition around the island and try the different fishing styles: troll fishing for big catches such as sea bream, tuna and swordfish; or deep-sea fishing… whether you’re experienced or just want to discover one of Seychelles’ famous attractions, let the hotel know what you want and they’ll put you in touch with a skipper for renting a boat.

Also on offer are half-day or full-day excursions, a sunset cruise, an island tour, or crossing to Praslin and/or La Digue. Water sports enthusiasts can rent kayaks and paddle boats to sail during high tides.

Some of the excursions available are:

  • Grand Barbe offers an excellent day trip with its historic ruins and breathtaking scenery.
  • The trip to the Silhouette mountains alone is already unique, but the final destination is particularly impressive: a ghost village where giant turtles roam, a long and deserted beach where turtles nest. This excursion is reserved for experienced walkers.
  • Visit one of the most eccentric architecture in the Seychelles with its six massive neoclassical columns inspired by La Madeleine. A few steps from La Belle Tortue, in a palm grove on the property of the Dauban family, the monument highlights both the past prosperity of the French family and the island.
  • Stroll along the 2 km of La Passe beach. Only 7% of Silhouette is inhabited, you can literally escape the crowd! At low tide, join the beautiful Bay of Cipailles where the jungle meets the ocean and admire the beauty of the famous granite rocks of Seychelles.
  • Hike to Marron Garden to see Seychelles’ famous Coco-de-Mer and Silhouette’s unique wildlife. The palm garden and giant seeds stand on Mount Pot-à-Water at an altitude of 450 meters, surrounded by the largest equatorial forest and one of the most incredible biodiversity of the Indian Ocean. Marron Garden owes its name to the old path created in the 19th century by slaves fleeing the Dauban plantation.

  • Admire Anse Mondon from Belle Vue! By boat or at low tide through the rainforest and its wildlife reach the small cove with crystal clear waters, which can be harsh and inhospitable sometimes but often calm and perfect for snorkelling. Go through the ruins of the old plantation and colony and cool off in the spring water.
  • Walk to Anse Ramasse-Tout, a few minutes from La Belle Tortue but so far removed from the world. Discover the little Anse and stand on the rocks, admire the powerful waves, Anse Patate & the island of Mahe in the distance. Observe the local fishermen and feel the spiritual atmosphere of the marine cemetery where the old Silhouette families rest.

To get to La Belle Tortue a transfer service or a taxi can be booked directly from the airport or from the Cat Cocos port (La Digue Praslin) to the port of Eden Island. From Eden Island, a boat will take you to Silhouette in about an hour. The helicopter partner Zilair can also transfer you directly, the helicopter flight to Silhouette takes about 15 minutes with up to 4 people or 350kg per flight, luggage included

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