Wayo Serengeti Walking Camp

“Explore the Serengeti on foot, in breathtaking and remote locations”
Budget level: Affordable
When to Go
All year
Property Type
Camp Temporary
Northern Tanzania

Explore vast tracts of untouched wilderness zones which can only be visited on foot with some of the best guides in the country. This certainly is the secret side of the Serengeti that few ever get to experience.

Wayo’s Serengeti Walking Camp offers unparalleled access to some of the most remote sections of the Serengeti National Park. These areas are completely devoid of people and even roads making for multiple days of being the only humans within sight. A rarity nowadays in northern Tanzania.

The camp is small and comfortable and is designed to be easily moved so as to follow the movement of animals in the area, particularly the wildebeest migration. With no fixed campsites or locations this is the perfect flexibility for exploration in this massive park.

The tents are spacious enough for two people to have a good night’s rest and contain a 4-inch mattress on a bedframe with full cotton bedding. The bathrooms are a short distance behind the tents where one will find a short drop toilet and bucket shower system. The camp takes on a “everything you need and nothing you don’t” approach which ensures comfort and safety without unneeded luxuries.

There is a small mess tent which contains the bar and can be used should the weather not permit for the usual under the stars dining. This is an eco-friendly camp which runs on solar power, 100% plastic free and tries to impact the surroundings as little as possible, so as to leave no trace when the camp moves.

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