Tumaren Camp

“Comfortable base camp for one of the most unique walking safaris in Africa”
Budget level: Mid-Range
When to Go
All year
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Camp Permanent

This lovely tented camp was originally the home of Kerry and James (owners of Karisia Walking Safaris) and it has 6 beautiful sleeping tents, each tent can fit a family of 4 or 5 if needed. Guests staying here do walks, camel rides, picnics, go rock climbing and game viewing from camp, coming back to camp each day.

Tumaren Camp 47 Tumaren Laikipia kenya

Tumaren has two meanings in the Maasai language. The first is ‘dragonfly’ and it was for these insects that the camp was named. The second meaning only found out by the owners later, the light morning rain that they sometimes get and is considered good luck.

Tumaren Camp, the primary guest camp of Karisia Walking Safaris is sited beside a large plain with views of an imposing rock kopje and is the lovely tented camp where Kerry and James, owners of Karisia, originally made their home. It has 6 beautiful sleeping tents with solar lighting and running water.

Tumaren was once ranch land used for livestock. The land was not able to support huge numbers of wildlife when Kerry and James first acquired it, because the cattle had always taken the best grass leaving little for the game. After only a few years of good management the wildlife began a steady rebound. Plains game increased sharply and reticulated giraffe, oryx and eland began assembling in larger and larger herds. The predators also began appearing more and more and the elephant herds that once just passed through began stopping for longer, eventually making Tumaren a preferred maternity for giving birth to their young. The camp sits beside a large plain and before an imposing rock kopje, home to striped hyenas, klipspringer and leopard.

Loseramuru, a stunning granitic hillside, is a prominent feature on the horizon as visitors’ approach Tumaren Camp. On arrival in camp, the foreground is often occupied by the plains game that visit the salt lick in front of camp. After a quick tour of your tent and the camp, your guide will be able to tell you a bit about the area, the current location of the best wildlife, as well as the activities on offer. The camels are always available to accompany walkers, and to tote gear and people to the wildest corners of the conservation area. The game viewing Land Cruisers are also always at the ready and can be used day or night to look for the rich wildlife that distinguishes Laikipia as one of the most successful conservation models on the continent.

Since James and Kerry first settled here, they have dedicated themselves to the conservation of wildlife. Tumaren is a great place for any kind of exploration, from the wildlife to the geology, vegetation, rock-climbing, or local footballing. Tumaren is not included in all of the walking safaris, but many of them use the ranch as a home base, as a starting point for a walking safari, or as a destination along the way.

Tumaren activities include guided walks/camel rides/rock climbing/tracking/swimming /game drives and night drives/Kimanjo school visit/market visit/Manyatta visit/camel creche and milking/spear, club and fire making and other Samburu games/beading/football/jogging/baboon research visit/Mpala research centre.

There is also a satellite mobile tented camp that is exclusive to a group and remains in one remote place. The walks and camel rides go out from this camp each day and come back to the same camp. Luxury bedding, towels, lights, a chair, table, mirror, drinking water and a basin on the veranda, with hot bucket showers and personal toilets.

Tumaren Camp is an excellent place for multi-generational families who want to give their younger or more active members an expeditious safari experience, while sharing that experience from a spacious camp, or the comfort of a shady viewpoint. Tumaren camp is a great place for any kind of exploration!

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