"The capital city"

“Green oasis in the vast desert that is Namibia”

The charm of Windhoek lies in its harmonious blend of African and European cultures and the friendliness of its people.

The city of Windhoek has existed for just over a century, but its history is as diverse as its population. During the German colonial occupation, it became the headquarters for the German Schutztruppe (Imperial Army), which was ostensibly charged with brokering peace between the warring Herero and Nama in exchange for whatever lands their efforts would gain for German occupation. For over 10 years at the turn of the 20th century, Windhoek served as the administrative capital of German South West Africa.

In 1902, a narrow-gauge railway was built to connect Windhoek to the coast at Swakopmund, and the city experienced a sudden spurt of growth. During this period, Windhoek began to evolve into the business, commercial and administrative centre of the country, although the modern city wasn’t officially founded until 1965. Since Independence came to the country on 21 March 1990, it has been characterised by a vitality born of a sense of freedom and pride.

Windhoek is often described as one of the cleanest capitals in Africa and visitors are surprised that this city, considered to be part of deepest Africa, offers all modern amenities that conform to some of the world’s highest standards. These include hotels, banks, post offices, gyms, libraries, museums, car hire companies, health facilities, railway transport, airlines and estate agencies amongst others.

A well-constructed and regularly maintained road network from Windhoek provides access to majority of towns, nature reserves, parks, safari lodges and tourist destinations in the country. This one of the key reasons why Namibia is self-drive heaven!

Windhoek has no shortage of appealing accommodation options from hotel chains to small boutique hotels and charming guest houses. Namibia’s multicultural capital provides a range of restaurants including some fine dining options. Joe’s Beerhouse is a treat for all visitors at least once!

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