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12 Nights Garden Route and Wines

"A breathtaking journey through South Africa’s breathtaking Garden Route and Wine Valleys"
Budget level: Mid-Range
South Africa
When to Go
All Year
12 Nights
Safari Type
Cape Town, Cape Winelands, Cederberg Region, Garden Route
Kids Min Age
All Ages

Immerse yourself in South Africa’s stunning landscapes and rich heritage, on a 12-night tour that journeys from the boutique charm of Welgelegen Boutique Guesthouse in Cape Town, through the luxury beachfront Birkenhead House in Hermanus, along the historic The Old Rectory Hotel & Spa in Plettenberg Bay, to the tranquil De Zeekoe Guest Farm in Oudtshoorn, before concluding with the serene and captivating Bloomestate in Swellendam and Angala Boutique Hotel in Franschhoek. Experience a wealth of culture, wildlife, gourmet food, and world-renowned wines.

Itinerary in Brief

3 Nights Welgelegen Boutique Guesthouse, Cape Town

2 Nights Birkenhead House, Hermanus

2 Nights The Old Rectory Hotel & Spa, Plettenberg Bay

2 Nights De Zeekoe Guest Farm, Oudtshoorn

2 Nights Bloomestate, Swellendam

1 Night Angala Boutique Hotel, Franschhoek

Embark on an unforgettable 12-night Garden Route and Wines Extravaganza, starting in the vibrant heart of Cape Town. Your first destination is the Welgelegen Boutique Guesthouse, a haven of urban tranquility mingled with the distinctive Cape charm. This guesthouse, nestled in a picturesque setting, offers guests a unique blend of luxury and homely comfort, making it the perfect starting point for your South African adventure.

From there, your journey takes you to the spectacular cliffs of Hermanus, where you will reside in the luxurious Birkenhead House. This destination is renowned for its breathtaking views of the ocean and its status as a premier whale-watching location. The Birkenhead House, perched on the cliffs, offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness majestic whales in their natural habitat, while also offering thrilling adventures for the more adventurous traveler.

Next, you will travel to the heart of the Garden Route, where history and beauty converge at The Old Rectory Hotel & Spa in Plettenberg Bay. This exquisite hotel, steeped in history, offers a serene escape with its elegant accommodations and spa services, set against the backdrop of one of South Africa’s most stunning landscapes. The Old Rectory is an ideal spot for those seeking relaxation and an opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Your adventure continues as you explore the rugged charm of the Klein Karoo with a stay at De Zeekoe Guest Farm in Oudtshoorn. This unique farm stay provides a rare glimpse into rural South African life, offering activities such as ostrich riding and meerkat tours. The guest farm is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Karoo, making it a perfect retreat for nature lovers and those looking to connect with the South African countryside.

Afterward, find solace in the tranquil retreat of Bloomestate in Swellendam. This modern estate is set amidst lush gardens and offers a peaceful respite with its contemporary design and luxurious amenities. Bloomestate is a sanctuary for those seeking to unwind and rejuvenate in a serene setting, with easy access to the attractions of Swellendam, including historical sites and outdoor activities.

Conclude your exquisite journey through South Africa’s breathtaking landscapes in the Winelands, with a night of unparalleled luxury at Angala Boutique Hotel in Franschhoek. This hotel is the epitome of elegance, nestled among vineyards and offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Angala Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to reflect on your journey, offering wine tastings and gourmet dining that highlight the region’s rich culinary heritage.

Detailed itinerary

Days 1-3: Welgelegen Boutique Guesthouse, Cape Town

Start your memorable South African expedition in the vibrant city of Cape Town, home to the charming Welgelegen Boutique Guesthouse. These initial three days will be filled with the exploration of the city’s renowned attractions, including the awe-inspiring Table Mountain, picturesque Camps Bay, and the bustling V&A Waterfront. Engage in enriching city tours or venture into the vineyards for wine-tasting experiences. Back at the guesthouse, take advantage of the serene plunge pool, or choose from a range of soothing therapies on offer.

Days 4-5: Birkenhead House, Hermanus

Venture onwards to the coast of Hermanus, a haven for marine life enthusiasts, and check into the exquisite Birkenhead House that sits majestically on the beachfront. Here, delight in premier land-based whale watching from the comfort of your room or undertake exhilarating activities such as shark cage diving, hikes along cliff paths, or savoring the region’s exquisite wines in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. Enjoy the luxury amenities and views that Birkenhead House has to offer, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Days 6-7: The Old Rectory Hotel & Spa, Plettenberg Bay

Continue your journey to Plettenberg Bay, where you’ll find yourself at The Old Rectory Hotel & Spa, a structure steeped in history and exuding luxury at every turn. This part of your adventure allows you to soak in soothing spa treatments or meander through the local wineries. Experience the scenic Robberg Peninsula through a hike or simply relax and take in the seaside beauty. Your evenings will be spent under the starry sky, with the historic hotel providing an idyllic backdrop, creating memories to cherish forever.

Each of these stops on your itinerary provides a unique experience, offering you a taste of South Africa’s diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. This immersive journey will captivate your senses and leave you with a profound appreciation for this beautiful corner of the world.

Days 8-9: De Zeekoe Guest Farm, Oudtshoorn

Your journey continues to the rural charm of De Zeekoe Guest Farm, a working farm located in the Klein Karoo near Oudtshoorn. Get ready to explore the regional highlights, including ostrich farms and the historic Cango Caves, all situated nearby. Learn about the farm’s history with its name originating from Zeekoegat, meaning “hippo waterhole,” a trace of the hippos that frequented the now dry riverbed. Enjoy sumptuous meals at the in-house restaurant prepared with fresh farm produce and free-range meat. Opt for an early morning tour to walk with wild meerkats, or simply enjoy the tranquillity of the farm. Hiking enthusiasts can venture out to explore the numerous trails in the surrounding mountains.

Days 10-11: Bloomestate, Swellendam

Next, we take you to the serene retreat of Bloomestate in the quaint town of Swellendam, a gateway to South Africa’s Garden Route. This 6.5-acre sanctuary boasts clean architecture blending seamlessly with its verdant gardens and Langeberg mountain views. Enjoy their famously delicious breakfasts, or request for a lunch or dinner with local specialities. Bloomestate promotes sustainability with the use of locally made or Fair-Trade products and energy-efficient systems. Experience a rejuvenating spa treatment or explore the renowned Robertson Wine Valley, a flower-rich region housing over 50 famous wine houses. Adventure seekers can embark on whale-watching trips or explore the Langeberg Mountain Range trails and various nearby nature reserves.

Day 12: Angala Boutique Hotel, Franschhoek

Finally, retreat to the tranquillity of Angala Boutique Hotel, nestled in a valley between Franschhoek and Paarl, offering stunning views of the Winelands. Indulge in local cuisine at their in-house restaurant, enjoy a professional spa treatment in your room, or take advantage of the eco pool for a rejuvenating dip. Explore the vicinity with over 60 wineries, delightful craft and art boutique stores, or choose a valley walk for a serene experience. Enjoy the harmony of your spacious room, each featuring a patio with access to the beautiful gardens, designed with elegant natural materials, a perfect end to your 12-night midrange Garden Route and Wines.

When to go

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Cape Winelands BestBestBestBestGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodBestBestBest
Cederberg Region GoodGoodGoodGoodBestBestBestMixedMixedGoodGoodGood
Garden Route BestBestBestGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodGoodBestBestBest
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